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Special Interest Group

ISQua will create Special Interest Groups from time to time in order to promote particular areas of activity and interest in healthcare safety and quality.

SIGs may represent specific areas of knowledge, learning, practice or interest in quality and/or safety in healthcare.

These groups are created to facilitate dialogue and networking for people working or interested in these areas.

Usually SIGs emerge naturally and the Board formalises their existence by making them ‘committees’of the Board. Alternatively the Board may identify a particular of healthcare safety or quality requiring support and promotion and will seek to provide this through the creation of a SIG.

ISQua’s first SIG was created in 2012 and focused on Quality of Social Care for Older Persons.   In February 2016 the Board decided to subsume the work of the SIG in Quality of Social Care for Older persons into the Innovations and Systems Change Working Group.  The work of the SIG continued to have impact as the goals developed by the SIG were incorporated into the work of ISQua.