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New year with ISQua CEO Update January 2018

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |

I would firstly like to wish each of you a very happy new year and wish you the best for the coming year. We achieved a lot in 2017 and plan to build on these achievements in 2018.

The role of the ISQua Fellowship in my professional growth by Nilufar Rakhmanova, MD, MPH, Advisor for Quality Improvement, FHI 360, Washington D.C., USA

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |

I embarked on an ISQua Fellowship in 2014, and I continue to benefit from this relationship in my quality improvement journey that has virtually taken me to various health quality programs around the globe. I maintain my fellowship because it truly gives me an edge as I work with colleagues to improve the quality of health services.

CEO Update - Reflections on 2017

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |

It has been a very productive year for ISQua with the consolidation of what we do and the growth of new areas of activities. During the year we have aimed to implement our strategy to be the leading international organisation in the field of quality and safety.

CEO Update July 2017

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |



As we approach the Board elections I thought that I would review the key roles of members in ISQua. Members are the core of the society, which aims to bring together like-minded individuals and organisations to transform healthcare for the better.

Update from CEO June 2107

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |

At this time of the year, we are looking forward to the conference in a 3 months’ time and to the election of the new Board.

CEO Update May 2017

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |

I have now been at ISQua as CEO for the past year and it is hard to believe how quickly the time passes. This year has been a learning experience, I've met some amazing people who have come to ISQua to learn about quality and safety.

CEO Update April 2017

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |

We ended the month of March with our bi-annual face-to-face meeting of the ISQua Board. A two day agenda was prepared, with the first day allocated to strategy & communication and the second to governance. The face to face meetings are a chance for in depth discussions on the strategic objectives for ISQua.

CEO Update March 2017

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |

The last few weeks at ISQua have been busy as we prepare for the next Board meeting at the end of the month. This is the time of year that the Board gets together to plan the activities for the next few months. A key discussion will be on how we develop the brand of ISQua so that we can continue to grow and develop. We also will have time to address the upcoming challenges we face as we develop our new networks.

Update from the CEO

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |

The new year has come and gone and it has brought much activity in the ISQua office. We have settled into the new surroundings, smaller and more compact, though far more comfortable. And we are in full swing, reflecting, planning and implementing the strategy that defines what we plan to achieve.

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