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National and International Speakers at the FSP Chile 2019 Congress National and International Speakers at the FSP Chile 2019 Congress
By ISQua Tuesday. Jul 9, 2019

Chile and ISQua Featured

This is my third and final blog on my time in Latin America. I was last in Chile many years ago and was very pleased to conclude my Latin American journey in Santiago. I was invited to speak at the 4th International Congress on Patient Safety in Chile which was organised by the FSP Chile – Fundación para la Seguridad del Paciente and led by Dr Hugo Guajardo Guzmán. This was a remarkable conference with a focus on how to be safe. I was accompanied by ISQua Expert Ezequiel García-Elorrio who was the facilitator of the visit.


While in Santiago, I was fortunate to be hosted at different venues. On the first day, I was taken to taste the excellent wines of Chile before the real work started with a visit to the Catholic University Hospital, hosted by another ISQua Expert, Rodrigo Poblete. I met with the leaders of the Medical School as well as clinical leaders. You can see that their results are phenomenal – an indication of the excellence that can be achieved.


Chile Catholic Hospital


We can learn from the dedication of the staff. I also saw many potential ways they could go to the next stage and how working with the hospital and medical school would bring mutual benefit.


My next visit was to the new BUPA hospital, hosted by Giovanna Gutierrez. This was an opportunity to see one of the more modern hospitals in Chile - they have built for the future. The opportunity to design for safety was the focus of the visit.


Chile Bupa Hospital


The final networking was with Sociedad Chilena de la Calidad Asistencial (SOCCAS) to renew the friendships with the team I met in Cali and Cartagena – Benjamín Carrasco Sánche, Lily Schweizer and Giesela Schweizer. We’ve started to plan future work together. They arranged a meeting with the Department of Health leadership on accreditation and I met with Patricio Fernández Perez, Superintendente de Salud, and his team to discuss future work with ISQua on accreditation.


Chile MOH


But back to the conference. It was an exciting two days filled with enthusiasm and knowledge sharing and making new friends. Perhaps the most important aspect was that the patient was in the centre and the presentation by Aurora Lopez made the challenges we face a reality and enabled us to remember why we are in ISQua.


Chile Congress


I am pleased to have made so many new friends in Chile and sure to return soon.



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