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By Dr Taimour Jan Tuesday. Jul 16, 2019

Dr Taimour Jan - Fellowship Testimonial

The ISQua Education Team recently spoke with Dr Taimour Jan and asked him to share his thoughts regarding the ISQua Fellowship Programme and Specialist Certificate in Fundamentals of External Evaluation Surveying.


Dr Taimour Jan is an Emergency Medicine doctor, working in the EMS-verse with Medical Technology background. He was brought up in the medical life to love standardized work, data, data analysis, and decisions based on evidence. He has been practicing in the medical field for more than 13 years, occupying different managerial posts for more than 10. During this time, he has learned that all aspects of any profession can improve by ensuring that efforts are not only immense, but must be efficient too. He has also learned that his team is his family, and for a family to be successful, they must be loved, nourished, invested in, looked after, encouraged, critiqued, and not spoiled.


In addition to the above, Taimour was the very first graduate of the ISQua Specialist Certificate in Fundamentals of External Evaluation Surveying! You can connect with Taimour via the ISQua Community through the link here.



If you're interested in hearing more about our Fellowship Programme, you can find out more here.


Interested in learning more about the Specialist Certificate that Taimour also completed? Find out more HERE.



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