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ONA's Mural of Values, in the reception area of their new offices ONA's Mural of Values, in the reception area of their new offices
By ISQua Friday. Jun 28, 2019

Engaging in Brazil Featured

This is the first of three blogs on my travels to Latin America in late May – early June.


My visit to Latin America started in Sao Paulo, where I presented at ACSC, and the CBEX Symposium, followed by sessions at CISS 2019 (International Congress of Health Services) and the IBES event, which were both part of the 2019 Hospitalar Fair (International Trade Fair). This was a very busy schedule of both speaking engagements as well as social events. ISQua has many members in Brazil and the journey had three separate focuses.


I spent the first day of my visit with the team of our QI Network partner, ACSC (Associação Congregação de Santa Catarina). I spoke with their executive team on the responsibility of the Board to create an environment to allow for productive improvement at the interface of provider and person. Led by Camila Sardenberg, I was impressed with the commitment from the leadership to look at how to improve care at the frontline.  I visited one of their accredited maternity hospitals, which has a commitment to improvement and clear examples of where they can improve more. I admired the way they took on new suggestions for projects. They also spoke about their programme to improve person-centred care and how they have involved people at all levels.


My second speaking engagement was at the CBEX Symposium. CBEX is a leadership group chaired by our good friend, Francesco Balestrin, who is also the current IHF (International Hospital Federation) President. I spoke on the safety challenges of the digitalisation of healthcare and how it offers opportunities but many threats. This was followed by the opening of the new ONA offices – and then dinner with the ISQua Experts attending the CISS meeting, Ezequiel Ellorio Garcia and Tricia Woodhead, and ISQua Member Carolina Moreles.

Brazil 3


The next two days were spent attending the Hospitalar Fair and spending time with the ONA team. It was a pleasure to meet Dr Waleska Santos, President and Founder of the Hospitalar Group, to outline the possibility of a future joint conference in Brazil.


During this time, I also met with the CBA team, including Thiago Constancio, CEO of Medportal, and Heleno Costa Junior, CBA Accreditation Manager, to launch our partnership with Medportal. This allows us to strengthen the commitment we’ve made and broaden ISQua’s footprint in Brazil.

Brazil 5


My final speaking engagement in Sao Paulo was a ‘Master Labs’, an IBES event that focused on positive and practical transformation for the Brazilian healthcare system. This was followed by a demonstration by Christian Hart, Director of Projects and New Business, and his team on the changes they’ve made by aligning quality and accreditation.


Brazil 4


My Brazilian journey ended in Rio Janeiro, the venue of the 2014 ISQua conference in Latin America. This is also where we had the official launch of the Brazilian Specialist Certificate programme, which will go live in July.


Brazil is exciting, dynamic and a great place to visit. We have strengthened our ties and the future is bright. Thanks to all at ACSC, CBA, CBEX, CISS, IBES, Medportal, and ONA for making it a memorable visit.



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