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By Peter Lachman Tuesday. Mar 30, 2021

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It has been five years since I started my journey with you at ISQua and now it is time to say farewell. I have been honoured and privileged to be the CEO and to be tasked with transformation of the Society into a global organisation with an impact around the world. I have visited many of you over the years, meeting people who are dedicated to making a difference. I have been inspired by your determination.

Our focus has been on:

  • Growing membership, from under 300 to over 1000 individual members and from 84 to over 100 institutions. More importantly, we have endeavoured to ensure that members renew their membership each year.
  • Developing our Education programme to be modern and relevant - we now have almost 800 active learners.
  • Building links around the world and focussing on the responsibility to develop quality in every community, especially in less advantaged countries.
  • Ensuring equity is a core value of ISQua.
  • Revitalising our annual conferences, so that they are premier and cutting edge.
  • Establishing the ISQua External Accreditation Association and providing a new impetus to accreditation.
  • Placing people at the centre in all that we do.

We achieved this success by giving you Knowledge – a fellowship programme that is of the highest quality, conferences that are state of the art. We have revitalised the international Journal and started a new one. We have provided the opportunity to develop Networks and have grown in all WHO regions. We have given you a Voice and support during the COVID crisis, accreditation programmes that reflect the need for quality and safety in healthcare delivery. Also, we now have a new website and Learning Management System.

We have made people centredness, kindness, respect and inclusiveness our core values. Work in the LMIC is an essential ingredient of our strategy.  

All the success has been because of the team. I thank Eadin and Eleanor, Elaine, Nicola and Heather, Caroline and Caitriona, Sinead, Orla, Rachel, Aoife and Simon. They are the reason we have achieved so much over the five years and the reason why ISQua will succeed in the future. The future is bright for ISQua.  

I wish every success to Carsten Engel, who succeeds me as CEO.

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Dr Peter Lachman,



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