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By Peter Lachman Tuesday. Mar 30, 2021

Expanding our reach Featured

Over the past 5 years, ISQua has moved from being a mainly upper income association of organisations and members to one that is truly global. Our members now come from just about every region of the world and this is the strength of the organisation. COVID has taught us of the need to learn rapidly and to share our experience, the humanity of suffering, redemption, sadness and joy all together.

A society of members needs to respond to the membership and this will always be the tension that the leadership has to recognise. How do we provide what is wanted by the coalition we have built? We have moved to build alliances with our constituents to ensure that we meet their needs.

The ISQua EEA community has its official business meetings in the Accreditation Council. However over the past year we have also met the need to share experience in quarterly meetings of all the members of the IAPA programme. I valued the opportunity to hear the richness of the discussion as we learnt from each other – all trying to solve the challenge presented by virtual accreditation.

The Fellowship programme has grown and has many members from every region, This means that we have had to tailor the program to their needs, with Chinese language and Spanish content and hopefully more in Portuguese. Our new LMS will provide the powerful tool to ensure we spread up to date learning everywhere, at an affordable price.

In India we have been working with our partners to spread learning in the SEARO region. We soon will be starting partnerships in Africa to expand opportunities We also continue our Communities of Practice now focussed on Latin America and in French in Europe are growing,

We will be launching IJQHC Communications later this year. Thus journal will aim to support the spread of knowledge and be a companion to the International Journal.

Our work with the World Health Organisation continues without our support of the National Quality Policy and Strategy NQIPS, the Learning Hub and the WHO Patient Safety Action Plan.

Dr Peter Lachman,



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