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By Peter Lachman Monday. Mar 29, 2021

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The pandemic has been challenging to us all and has changed our lives. In the message in the last newsletter I wrote that we have had hard times but also there have been good times. In the second of the series I reflect on how we can have a different model of healthcare to be in the future – if we want to change.


The pandemic continues to be a challenge, though it provides an opportunity for us to reflect and reconsider the design of the healthcare system. One of the challenges we have faced has been the difficulty in preserving person centred care due to the ferocity of the virus and the response to decrease infection. Often people have been left to live alone, to die alone and mothers to give birth alone. We have learnt of the fragility of the concept of person centered care. Much that had been gained over the past 20 years was lost in a flash.


So the challenge now is how can we think differently, so that the concept and principles of person centredness is not something we want to do but is it what we actually do.


At ISQua we have been moving this way for some time and in the past few months we have demonstrated our deep belief in person centered care.  The foundations were laid by our patient representatives on the Board. First Russell McGowan, and then Sara Yaron made sure that the patient as a person was represented at the highest level. They challenged us to do better and to place people at the centre of our work.


In 2020 we doubled the people’s representative on the Board and Anna Edwards and Isabela Castro now represent patients in our decision making.  Also, we have established a Person and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) to drive the people’s agenda in ISQua. This is a vital move as it reflects that ISQua will lead on person centered care at every level – in the development of strategy and on all our committees. I salute all who give of their time on PFAC – Anna Edwards, Co-Chair (UK), Isabela Castro, Co-Chair (Brazil), Allison Koojiman (Canada), Sara Yaron (Israel), Amina Hussein Mohamud (Dubai), Angie Hamson (Canada), Lisa Freeman (USA), Orly Herman (Israel), and Hussain Jafri (Pakistan).


To support this endeavor, we soon will be publishing a paper written by a group led by Gro Rosvold Berntsen about what Person Centered Care really is. To follow our successful Coproduction Learning Journey,  we will publish a supplement on Coproduction led by ISQua Academy Members Gene Nelson, and Paul Batalden with Tina Foster from Dartmouth Institute. This will be published in May.


As I look back over the past 5 years, we have come a long way. We have placed the people at the centre and the only way we can go is forward. Everything is possible!


For more on the People’s Voice, Production and much more join us at the ISQua Virtual Florentine Conference 8-11 July. Register here:


Dr Peter Lachman,



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