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By ISQua Friday. Jan 10, 2020

ISQua Board members, ISQua Academy and Experts members reached out across the globe in 2019 Featured

The Mission of ISQua is "to inspire and empower people to advocate for and facilitate health and improvements, in the quality and safety of healthcare worldwide. Our vision is to transform health, and the quality and safety of healthcare, through global communities."


We achieve this by providing KNOWLEDGE building our NETWORK and giving you a VOICE


Over the past year, ISQua has extended its presence in all the regions of the WHO. I want to thank ISQua’s Officers, Board members, Academy Members and ISQua Experts for helping to spread ISQua vision.


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ISQua was very active in Africa in 2019.


In May 2019 Jacqui Stewart (ISQua Board Member), Pat O’Connor (ISQua Expert), Sara Yaron (ISQua Board Member), Gro Berntsen (ISQua Expert), Gilbert Buckle (ISQua Expert), Laetitia Rispel (ISQua Expert), and Maurice Goodman (ISQua Expert) participated in the Quality Management Conference at the Africa Health Congress in Johannesburg on 29 and 30 May as speakers and chairs.


In June 2019, we hosted two regional meetings in Africa. The AFIHQSA Healthcare Quality & Safety Summit was held in Ghana from 17 - 18 June 2019 in the Coconut Grove Regency Hotel, Accra.


The theme of the conference was 'Transforming & Navigating Healthcare Quality & Safety into the Future', and key speakers included ISQua Board Member and COHSASA CEO, Jacqui Stewart; and ISQua Experts, Dr Gilbert Buckle, Executive Director of AFIHQSA Ghana; Prof. Dr Michael Marx, Dir. Evaplan Ltd., University of Heidelberg, Germany; and Elom Hillary Otchi, Quality & Patient Safety Consultant, Ghana.


The second conference was a collaboration with the Society for Quality in Health Care in Nigeria (SQHN) and the African Forum for Quality Improvement in Healthcare (AFRIQHER) for a Regional Conference in the Muson Centre, Lagos, Nigeria on 19th June 2019.


The theme of this conference was 'Patients' Experience of Care' and key speakers included ISQua Board Member and COHSASA CEO, Jacqui Stewart; and ISQua Experts, Prof. Dr Michael Marx, Dir. Evaplan Ltd., University of Heidelberg, Germany.


In July 2019, Jacqui Stewart (ISQua Board Member and COHSASA CEO) and her team exhibited at the annual BHF Southern African Conference, in Cape Town, South Africa, promoting ISQua’s upcoming annual conference.


The highlight of our year was, of course, ISQua’s annual conference which we held in Cape Town, South Africa from 20th – 23rd October. Over 1,100 delegates attended the conference, and we were delighted with the feedback from our delegates who rated the programme, atmosphere and staff all very highly.


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In November 2019, in association with IrishAid and the Quality Division of the MOH in Ethiopia, I visited Addis Ababa to work on quality in hospitals in Ethiopia. I was fortunate to deliver a talk at the Lunch and Learn session at the MOH.


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Our travel within the Americas in 2019 started in North America. ISQua’s Immediate Past President, Cliff Hughes, and I attended the 7th Annual World Patient Safety, Science and Technology Summit #WPSSTS on 18th January 2019, in California. The Patient Safety Foundation Movement organises this summit.


In February, Jeffery Braithwaite, ISQua’s President-Elect, attended and spoke at the Quality Forum in Vancouver, Canada, hosted by ISQua’s QI Network Member, the British Columbia Council for Quality and Safety.


In December, I attended the IHI National Forum in Orlando, teaching with Fran Griffin at Universal Studios - a fun session focussing on reliability in healthcare and lessons we can learn from the actors and managers at Universal, and with ISQua Expert Pat O'Connor, John Brennan and I ran a session on QI methodology.


In Latin America, we began with the 1st International Health Care Quality Symposium in Havana, Cuba on 27th – 29th March. ISQua Expert, Dr Michael Murray, gave a presentation titled “Continuous improvement and excellence in services" and developed a work program.


Board member Tricia Woodhead and I attended and presented at the Hospitalar Fair / CISS conference in São Paulo in May 2019. While there we were also delighted to be included in ONA’s 20th-anniversary celebration.


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During this time, I also met with the CBA team, including Thiago Constancio, CEO of Medportal, and Heleno Costa Junior, CBA Accreditation Manager, to launch our partnership with Medportal. This allows us to strengthen the commitment we’ve made and broaden ISQua’s footprint in Brazil.


ISQua Experts Gail Nielsen, John Brennan, Odet Sabaria, Ezequiel Garcia Elorrio, Albert Wu, Enrique Rueles and President-elect Jeffery Braithwaite all attended the joint the 28th OES International Forum in alliance with the Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá and ISQua regional conference in Cartagena from 29th – 31st May. This conference was hosted by OES and led by ISQua Expert, Teresa Tono.


I was invited to speak at the 4th International Congress on Patient Safety in Chile (6th – 7th June) which was organised by the FSP Chile – Fundación para la Seguridad del Paciente and led by Dr Hugo Guajardo Guzmán. This was a remarkable conference with a focus on how to be safe. Accompanying me was ISQua Expert Ezequiel García-Elorrio, who was the facilitator of the visit. While in Chile, I also met with the Minister of Health to discuss accreditation and visited the Catholic University Hospital with ISQua Expert Rodrigo Poblete.


In September, ISQua Academy Member, M. Rashad Massoud, and I attended the ISQua Associate conference in Buenos Aries organised by ISQua member IECS as part of the 10th Collaborative Forum on Quality and Safety.


South-East Asia


ISQua has established links with new members PHFI and CAHO in India and will be working with other partners as well going forward.


In April 2019, ISQua Expert, Ravindran Jegasothy, attended and spoke at the Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organisations (CAHO) in Mumbai, India.


A South-East Asia ISQua Community of Practice was set up by ISQua Board Member, Dr BK Rana.


In August 2019, ISQua’s Immediate Past President, Cliff Hughes, spoke at the Annual Scientific Meeting and National Semiloka in Jakarta, Indonesia.


ISQua Expert Vikram Datta represented ISQua at the WHO Seventy-second Session of the Regional Committee in New Delhi, India in September 2019.


Eastern Mediterranean EMRO


The Fourth Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety took place in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from 2–3 March 2019. This year’s Summit focused on patient safety in low and middle-income countries and reducing adverse events. ISQua Board Member, Shin Ushiro, on behalf of ISQua, presented ISQua’s ‘Declaration on Universal Health Coverage and Patient Safety’ on the second day (3rd March) of the Summit during the ‘Considerations by NGOs’ session.


In August, ISQua Board Member, Leslee Thompson, and I attended the 7th Annual Congress of the Lebanese Society for Quality and Safety in Healthcare, hosted by Roula Hamoud.


In November, I attended the IHF conference in Oman, connecting with many leaders from the EMRO region. Joining me was our new Board member, Salma Jaouni from Jordan, for a presentation on Quality in Crisis Situations to a full house.

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Western Pacific           


In February 2019, Past President Cliff Hughes, Accreditation Council Chair Steve Clark, our Head of IEEA, Elaine O’ Connor, and I visited Shenzhen to discuss accreditation at the HKUSZH Conference in Shenzhen, China. We also visited the Shenzhen Hong Kong Hospital.


We continued this conversation at the Conference on International Accreditation ‘Key to Quality and Safety’, in Guangzhou, China, in September.

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In April, ISQua President, Wendy Nicklin, and President-Elect, Jeffrey Braithwaite, were honoured to be invited and attend the 20th Anniversary of JCT in Taipei.

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In June, I attended a conference on External Evaluation in Beijing, organised by ISQua Expert, Ma Liping. Also presenting was ISQua Board member and then ASQUAA Chair, Yuichi Imanaka. We visited ISQua Academy member Professor Liu Tingfang at Tsinghua University.


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In September I travelled to Australia, to meet with three of our QI Network Members: the Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health, South Australia; Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC), New South Wales; and Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC), Brisbane.


This was an excellent visit to all three bodies and allowed me to meet with ISQua fellows and plan learning journeys.




In Europe, we are preparing for ISQua 2020 in Florence, so there were numerous meetings in Italy.


In March 2019, the joint ISQua/RCPI Quality in Healthcare Summit was held in Dublin, Ireland. The theme of the conference was ‘Leading for quality in changing times’ and included sessions from ISQua Board Members, Wendy Nicklin, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Stephen Clark, Shin Ushiro, Cliff Hughes, and myself.


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The seventy-second session of the World Health Assembly took place in Geneva from 20th to 28th May 2019, and ISQua was represented by Bruno Lucet (ISQua Board Member) who also provided us with feedback on the session.


In July, I travelled to Portugal to attend the HEPS Conference, and the 2nd International Meeting on Patient Safety for New Generations of Healthcare Professionals, in Lisbon. Also speaking at the conference was ISQua Expert, Charles Vincent.


In Glasgow, the ISQua RCPI QI Scholars met Don Berwick

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In Catania the annual Safety conference in Italy

Photo 15


In July, I also travelled to Florence and Pisa to present on the Masters in Clinical Risk Management and Patient Safety Course.


In October, I spoke at the PAQS Conference in Brussels, which was hosted by Denis Herbeux. The theme was "Making the shift towards highly reliable healthcare". ISQua Board member, Leslee Thompson, also attended, as did Deputy Editor of the IJQS, Anthony Staines.


In summary


Overall a busy time for ISQua across the globe - we are truly an international society spreading Knowledge developing Networks and giving people a Voice.


Our members are growing in number, and our Learning Journey programmes are unique opportunities to gain knowledge and develop learning networks with a chance to give yourself a Voice.


Join ISQua as a Member and be part of an active and respected community of like-minded peers who share your commitment and belief in improving health care safety and quality for all.


And plan to come to the premier healthcare conference in Florence, Italy

See you in Florence 2020!


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