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By ISQua Monday. Apr 6, 2020

Learning from Measurements in Improvement with Helen Crisp Featured

ISQua's Learning about Improvement Community of Practice wasvdelighted to host Helen Crisp for her virtual session on 'Learning from Measurements in Improvement' on 27th March 2020.


At the in-person meeting in Cape Town, it was discussed that statistical significance, most notable p-values, cannot tell us everything. In this session, Helen explored the  measurement in improvement and what types of measurements and data can be used to help us learn about our improvements. She also went through the research on what different methods and tools can tell us about our improvement work.


Questions highlighted in the session:

· How do we learn about measurement?

· What do we measure?

· How do we measure? How do we analyze?

· How do we learn about PDSA’s through measurement?

· When to use Statistical Process Control Charts


Watch the recording now:


Learning About Improvement_Helen Crisp_March 2020 from ISQua on Vimeo.


About the Presenter:

Helen is an experienced manager, trainer and author, with over 30 years’ experience in the healthcare sector. In April 2017, she set up her own company, Crisp QI, to enable her to get more directly involved with improvement work in healthcare. Helen teaches on the ‘Leading Quality Improvement’ course at Oxford Healthcare NHS Trust, is the Editor-in-Chief for BMJ Open Quality and undertakes strategic review and evaluation projects. Prior to this, Helen was Assistant Director of Research at the Health Foundation, UK, where she led the development of the Foundation’s Improvement Science programme. She has a deep interest in better understanding what works to improve quality of healthcare and, crucially, how it works. Helen is also Chairman of Trustees for the PROMPT Maternity Foundation, reducing harm at birth for mothers and babies through its unique training with multi-professional teams, to improve maternity patient safety. Helen is keen to promote wider write-up and dissemination of improvement work, using different media and communication channels. She loves making connections between people and between projects, linking them in to useful research, connecting people working in the same field, or where she thinks ideas from totally different fields will have fruitful connections.


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