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By ISQua Friday. Jun 5, 2020

Our Past and our Present - Now is the time for a better future Featured

Over the past three months, we have witnessed thousands of citizens dying in many countries as a result of the COVID19 virus.


We have witnessed the disproportionate impact the pandemic has had on people who are poor or who are of Black and of Ethnic minorities. The pandemic has affected all and has exposed the deep seated underlying social conditions that determine outcomes of health.


We have witnessed increased death of health care providers from Black and Ethnic Minorities.


We have witnessed the impact of centuries of institutionalised prejudice, racism and discrimination.


This has revealed our blindness to what is present in all health conditions and has exposed the inequity in society and the impact of inequality on care delivery, that is demonstrated by everyday life experience and in health outcomes for many.


In the past week we have witnessed the inherent racism that is present in many of our countries and is symbolised by the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd. The events in the USA are a call for all of us globally to find a solution. We must demand better. We must come together to overcome the challenge, so that we can move forward.


As an international community we need to address inequity in health and healthcare and racism and discrimination in all of our activities. We need to examine our inner selves and ask how we can change.


We must promote kindness, compassion and kinship at all times and drive change by engaging all healthcare professionals and stakeholders in changing healthcare systems and culture globally. As a global community we must stand together. Out of this adversity we must build a new future and not return to a normal of injustice where some lives matter more than others.


Over the next weeks we will be publishing short reflections by members of the ISQua Community as we stand in solidarity with all those who suffer daily. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to add your voice.


We call on all in the ISQua community to come together to combat inequality and to make sure that Black Lives Matter.


As Nelson Mandela said “It is in (y)our hands, to make a better world for all who live in it.”


Peter Lachman CEO and the ISQua team

Aoife Dowling

Brian Cahill

Caitriona Curran

Caroline Usher

Deirdre Burke

Eadin Murphy

Elaine O' Connor

Eleanor Keegan

Heather Wilson

Nicola McCauley-Conlan

Orla Corcoran

Peter Lachman

Sinead McArdle

Simon Donohoe


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