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By ISQua Wednesday. Jul 31, 2019

Preparing for the future - IMPS2019

If we truly want to have sustainable and real change we need to prepare the future leaders in healthcare to be ready for the new age of safe effective care that is person-centred and fit for the future.


ISQua was a sponsor and collaborator on the 2nd International Meeting on Patient Safety for New Generations of Healthcare Professionals (IMPS) in Lisbon held at the start of July.


The meeting was organised by the National School of Public Health (ENSP-NOVA) and the research group Naiade – Quality Improvement & Patient Safety, in partnership with the Clinical Risk Management and Patient Safety Centre (GRC) based in the region of Tuscany, Italy. GRC will host ISQua's conference next year in Florence, Italy.


The idea for IMPS is simple: we need to prepare future generations of healthcare providers to have the knowledge and skills to provide safe care. Our current training and education models have failed to respond to the challenge of quality and safety, so we need to think laterally to provide them with the inspiration to lead change.   About 200 young doctors and nurses attended the meeting, providing a lot of vibrant interactions over the two days.


The meeting is designed to come up with some solutions designed by the attendees. The scene-setting was on the first day with talks on leadership, safety challenges, education for safety, and the future potential of digital health. 


I presented with Frank Federico on leading for safety, and Charles Vincent, who attended as an ISQua expert, spoke on the coming challenges of the aging populations (


The workshops were particularly illuminating. The one I led with Isabel Albuquerque focused on what is leadership for quality, and was based on the paper I authored with ISQua President, Wendy Nicklin (, and the focusing on Appreciative Inquiry as a method to lead effectively ( 


Each of the groups then gave feedback in an interactive session which provided insight into the topics of the conference.


So, what was the outcome?


We think that participants were exposed to some expert input but more importantly, they were able to discuss in-depth such topics such as safety culture, medication safety, infection, second victims, education needs, person-centred care and human factors.


The depth of the debate was evident and we are already looking to have a 3rd conference for the new generation in Florence at the time of the ISQua conference in 2020. Thanks to Paulo Sousa and the team for a great event.


IMPS 2019


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