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By Sinead McArdle Friday. Sep 7, 2018

The role of the ISQua Fellowship in my professional growth by Nilufar Rakhmanova, MD, MPH, Advisor for Quality Improvement, FHI 360, Washington D.C., USA


If you want to write stronger business proposals, draw ideas from ISQua, which has materials in every area of quality. For a recent proposal, I used ISQua’s amazing resources under the Accreditation module to learn from others’ experiences as I developed an external evaluation system.


If you want to innovate, do it with ISQua resources. I remember listening to “Using experience-based co-design (EBCD) to improve patient experience,” by Glenn Robert, and wanting to try it out. A few months later, we successfully field tested this state-of-the-art participatory research methodology in the Advancing Partners & Communities Project in Uganda.[1]


If you want to learn, do so from ISQua peers as well as experts. When I was co-writing FHI 360’s Quality improvement handbook,[2] I gained insights not only from ISQua’s Quality and Safety in Developing Countries module but also from reflections shared by colleagues in the Forum discussions.


Even experienced professionals can benefit from mentorship. I am privileged to have Dr. David Greenfield[3] mentor me with his insights, support and the model of his career path.


I encourage others to join the fellowship and maintain it as this is an invaluable resource for mid-career professionals. It is one of the most practical, convenient for adult learners, empowering, and innovative continuous education platforms I know.

[1] Rakhmanova-Pollard N. Clients as partners: inspired by the Experienced-based Co-design approach. Available at:

[2] Rakhmanova N, Bouchet B. Quality improvement handbook: a guide for enhancing performance of healthcare systems. Washington, DC: FHI 360; 2017.

[3] David Greenfield, Professor and Director, Australian Institute of Health Service Management, University of Tasmania



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