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By Isabela Castro Tuesday. Jun 9, 2020

What Matters To You 2020 in the Pandemic Era Featured

Isabela Castro, ISQua Member and Fellow and passionate patient advocate, is calling on the global healthcare community to help support the What Matters To You? Movement and celebrate the importance of patient and family voices. Find out why Isabela is dedicated to championing this movement and join us over on Twitter where Isabela is guest tweeting from @ISQua today, 9 June, in celebration of World WMTY Day 2020.


For my third consecutive year, the month of June arrived with all the reflection it carries, due to the What Matters To You? Movement. But this year was different, the deep dive into the soul began in March, the month that marked the beginning of the pandemic in my country, Brazil. Suddenly, all human relationships changed, conventional work gave way to the home office. Gloves and masks have become everyday items for all Brazilians. Fear took over the community and new ways of living and relating brought to light discussions about technology and artificial intelligence in people's lives, from simple daily activities to more refined and technical actions, such as robotic surgical line processes in complex health systems. Gradually, chaos gave way to faith and hope, characteristics that are so striking for the Brazilian people.


While isolating ourselves, we reflected on what really matters. This year, the WMTY more than ever, went beyond the limits of health systems and took root in the lives of all Brazilians through in-depth analyzes of their lives. New demands brought have never made WMTY conversations so meaningful and necessary, not only in health but in all areas of society. This manifesto brings a few words to my mind: compassion, collaboration, hope, faith, love and deep and profound connections. The new world that arrives brings new ways of thinking and acting and some things are just unacceptable. In fact, many.


What matters to me this year is true social and racial justice, equity and a world of love and peace. We, as a health system, are responsible for the change in the world in general. How can I feel good in my house, if there is a homeless family on the corner? How can I establish a new luxury hospital in a given geographical area, oblivious to a miserable community there? We must take accountability for ourselves to build new, more balanced and just ecosystems. It is not possible to think about health without thinking about moral determinants.


I challenge you this year to fight against, with all your strength, any injustice that you find on your way, because the world is big but we are many and we are together, and we feel compassion. Heal the system, build a new ecosystem in this new existence that arrives. Rebel. Be disobedient. Be brave. I decided not to wait, what about you? What matters to you?


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