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By Sinead McArdle Monday. Feb 17, 2020

Why should you apply for the 2020 Lucian Leape Patient Safety Fellowship? Featured

Applications for the 2020 Lucian Leape Patient Safety Fellowship are now being accepted. We asked our 2019 recipient, Dr Subhrojyoti Bhowmick, to share his opinion of the Fellowship, and the value he has gained from it.


"I was the recipient of the prestigious Lucian Leape Patient safety fellowship award from ISQua for 2019 and I believe its the best gift I received in my professional career till date. The last few months during the fellowship have been the ones where I have honed my skills on Patient Safety and Quality improvement every day.


This fellowship offered me a 3-month volunteering opportunity at the Patient Safety and Risk Management Unit of the World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, where I worked with the best professionals in Patient safety in the world. I am mentored regularly by Prof (Dr) David Bates, Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine, Harvard Medical School and International Patient safety expert on various issues related to medication safety as a part of this Fellowship.


I got the opportunity to complete my Specialist Certificate course in Medication Safety with ISQua as a part of this fellowship. This fellowship has been a life-changing experience and helped me evolve as a confident Patient safety leader.


My heartfelt gratitude to Dr Peter Lachman and his colleagues, Elaine, Caitriona, Aoife, Simon and others at ISQua for their constant support throughout the fellowship. I encourage anyone interested to hone their skills further to apply to this wonderful Patient Safety skill up-gradation opportunity offered by ISQua.


Best wishes to the next recipient!!"


Dr Subhrojyoti Bhowmick

MBBS(Cal)(Gold Medalist),MD (Pharmacology), Certified in Patient Safety (Johns Hopkins University,USA), FISQua (U.K)
ISQua Lucian Leape Patient Safety Fellowship Award 2019 Winner 



The closing date for applications is 6th March 2020. To find out more, and to apply, please visit


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