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Quality Improvement (QI) Network

ISQua is delighted to announce its latest initiative a Quality Improvement (QI) Network which will commence with a select number of organisations. We believe that we need to learn from, and support each other as we improve the quality of our care.

The expertise of ISQua and its network of members is a highly valued resource by those in the medical and social care community. This particular network within our network aims to allow the free exchange of ideas and develop partnerships to accelerate change.

In each level we offer participation in our Fellowship Programme as well as potential consultation by an ISQua expert and access to our conference at a discounted rate.

As a QI Network Member you will have all the benefits of Institutional Membership. In addition to this you can choose from Bronze, Silver or Gold levels of involvement. Whatever the level you will join a group of partners who will be able to share experiences challenges and solutions. ISQua will be the network host to enable this.

We would like to thank our founding QI Gold Network Partners - BC Patient Safety Quality Council, Clinical Excellence Commission, and Ko Awatea.

QI Network Partners

BC Patient Safety & Quality Council 


The Council provides system-wide leadership to efforts designed to improve the quality of health care in British Columbia.

Through collaborative partnerships with health authorities, patients, and those working within the health care system, we promote and inform a provincially coordinated, patient-centred approach to patient safety and quality.

We also provide advice and make recommendations to the Minister of Health. In support of this mandate, we undertake activities that are determined through extensive consultation with our partners to define where we can best add value.

Drawing on our resources, stakeholder relationships and the diverse expertise of our staff, we are at once a leader, an advisor, a partner, a facilitator, an educator, and a supporter. We also provide a bridge to the best knowledge in health care quality available across Canada and beyond.

We seek out national and international innovation of value to BC, adapt these new ideas to meet the needs of our health care system, and work with our partners to put them in place.


Clinical Excellence Commission


The Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) was established in 2004 as one of the five key structural reforms outlined in the NSW Health Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Program (PSCQP) and as an evolution of the Institute for Clinical Excellence. 

Emerging in the midst of system-wide patient and safety concerns, the primary focus of the CEC has been to promote and support improved clinical care, safety and quality across the NSW public health system, and to meet functions specified by the Minister for Health.

The Clinical Excellence Commission is a board-governed statutory health corporation established under the Health Services Act 1997.

Since its development, the CEC has gained local, national and international recognition by developing and driving programs and initiatives in collaboration with clinicians, managers, consumers and health service partners. 

The range of areas addressed includes clinical incident review, deteriorating patients, end of life care, falls prevention, human factors, infection control, leadership, medication safety, mortality review, open disclosure, paediatric quality and safety, partnering with patients, pressure injury prevention, safety and quality education, sepsis, teamwork, transfusion medicine and venous thromboembolism prevention. 

Monitoring processes and performance, to provide assurance of clinical quality and safety improvement at a system-wide level, has been a central and distinct role of the CEC within the NSW health system.


Ko Awatea

Ko Awatea 

Embedded within Counties Manukau District Health Board (CM Health), our mandate is to lead an innovative approach to achieving sustainable, high-quality healthcare services. This will in turn bring positive health outcomes for patients and communities across three tiers:

  • Locally: We are dedicated to CM Health and to improving the health and well being of our South Auckland communities;
  • Nationally: We are committed to improving patient outcomes for all New Zealanders; and
  • Internationally: We work closely with partners in the Asia-Pacific region and the rest of the world.

We understand that to meet the increasing demands on the health system we need to shift from from reactive care to proactive health promotion. Ko Awatea develops leadership for improvement, builds will, creates new ways of thinking and executes change programmes. We do this whilst continually building capability in our system to improve system wide processes.

We are a centre of excellence. We have adopted a holistic approach to problem solving and believe collaborating – not competing – with a broad range of partners to establish best practices will help us to deliver system-wide health improvements for the betterment of our population. We connect the expertise of our internal staff with that of leading national and international specialists to facilitate practical system transformation projects. These projects are all underpinned by proven methodological approaches and work to improve care across the health, education and social sectors.

We are also a centre of education, dedicated to meeting the needs of students, health staff and visitors through education, leadership and professional development.

We are proud of the difference we are making in transforming health systems in Counties Manukau, New Zealand, Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world.


Associação Congregação de Santa Catarina 



Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement - Fondation canadienne pour l'Amélioration des services de santé 

The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement identifies proven innovations and accelerates their spread across Canada by supporting healthcare organizations to adapt, implement and measure improvements in patient care, population health and value-for-money.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to improve health and care for all Canadians.

La Fondation canadienne pour l’amélioration des services de santé recense des innovations éprouvées et accélère leur diffusion partout au Canada en soutenant les organismes de santé dans l’adaptation, la mise en œuvre et l’évaluation de l’amélioration des soins, de la santé de la population et de l’optimisation des ressources.

Nous travaillons main dans la main avec vous afin d’améliorer les soins et la santé de tous les Canadiens et Canadiennes.


Website: www.cfhi-fcass.ca