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By ISQua Wednesday. Nov 24, 2021

Fellowship graduates from KARS Indonesia

It has been a pleasure to welcome staff from KARS Indonesia, a leading national accreditation body, to help support capacity-building in healthcare quality and safety knowledge in the organisation. We are proud to support the great work of KARS and its vision to improve service quality and patient safety through accreditation in hospitals across Indonesia.


AA Raka Karsana, Hospital Accreditation Surveyor

AA Raka Karsana 


After following the Fellowhip program, the most useful aspects for me have been:

  • Understanding topics in one module in depth through a combination of assignments ranging from attending webinars to working on case study assignments, publication reviews and reflections where one another is interrelated.
  • Identifying gaps between the topics covered in the module and the conditions in which I work, and
  • Refining and completing my understanding of a topic, derived from the feedback provided on my assignments by Dr Carsten Engel.
  • From this program, I am often curious and enjoy the case studies. Case studies depict realistic scenarios taken from various publications. Case studies increase my participation and enjoyment of learning.
  • For new things that I have learned, apart from increasing my knowledge for myself, I have conveyed it to the related person in charge of the hospital where I work.


Dr. Jimmy E Kalesaran, MARS, FISQua

Jimmy E Kalesaran KARS


  • In my opinion, all the material in the module, whether in the form of webinars, case studies, publication reviews, reflections, or complimentary webinars, is beneficial and updated. Because the material in each module is a unit that is closely related to each other. Following my profession as a doctor and hospital assessor, I prefer modules related to hospital accreditation and patient safety because they will facilitate implementation in our daily work.
  • I call the ISQua Fellowship Program a fantastic program. In this fellowship, we encounter a “Knowledge Bank” that presents many articles and updated international journals that we have never encountered and never read. And through the Fellowship, we are trained to do a critical review and analyse a case study and implement it in our work and profession.
  • As medical staff and hospital assessors, we will certainly implement the learnings in our workplace. And we will improve the existing ones according to the recommendations of each series of Fellowship activities that we have completed.


 Sitti Aisyah Sahidu, MD

  • The Fellowship activities that I most enjoyed were the webinars and case studies, and the topics that I most enjoyed were Patient Safety care and Person Centred Care.
  • The lessons learned during this program have begun to be applied in our workplace.


Siti Rohani NS., S.KEP, CVRN, MKM
  • There are many useful things that I obtained during the ISQua Fellowship Programme. In particular, the material about covidkarena is very in accordance with the current conditions so I got a lot of insights about the latest things about COVID.
  • Material regarding accreditation is also very useful and in accordance with my current work.
  • The most fun thing about joining the Fellowship Programme is that I became more encouraged and honed my English skills.
  • ISQua programme materials are very updated and in accordance with my current work, so almost all the material studied in the program I have applied in my day job.


Mirta Widia, MARS. MHKes

  • I got knowledge about quality, and experience from competent experts across the world.
  • I can learn about quality from many perspective views in many modules.
  • I enjoyed learning about patient experience and quality improvement, and I will try to learn more about it.
  • I have shared patient experience tools and other recommendations to the member hospitals. Currently, we are collecting data from our patients and will analyse the data at the end of this year.


Rosdelima Simarmata

  • Learning from international experts through webinars, case studies, and journals.
  • I gathered lots of information regarding quality improvements, critical thinking, and patient safety (additional readings and references provided).

  • I've been able to build my international networking.

  • I most enjoyed listening to webinars.

  • I’m trying to adopt the method of WalkRounds that were recommended in a leadership module.


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