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By Professor Dr Matiur Rahman Monday. Nov 5, 2018

Fellowship Internship Programme 2018

Prof Dr Matiur Rahman (Pakistan) was one of four ISQua Fellowship Participants who took part in the internship programme hosted by AGPAL (Australia). Here he shares his reflections and learnings from his time in Australia.


3rd October


I am leaving for Australia for a 2-week study visit after being selected by ISQua, in an international competition among ISQua Fellowship participants, to observe an Australian accreditation process from initial registration to certification and onsite surveys of healthcare services. I am very fortunate to be attached with Dr Stephen Clark, Group Chief Executive of Australian General Practice Accreditation and Quality Innovation Performance Consulting.


This will be a great learning and practice opportunity and will enrich my experience in quality improvement and accreditation process and will be extremely useful for improving quality improvement and accreditation efforts at Riphah International University affiliated hospitals and other hospitals in Pakistan. I hope that I will learn also how to develop and implement the quality standard and Inshallah one day I, with likeminded persons, will be able to develop Pakistan Quality Standard from the platform of Riphah International University.


8th October


My first day of the ISQua, AGPAL and QIP internship was very productive. Facilitators were very knowledgeable and friendly and took a lot of interest and encouraged our discussion and explained to the group the accreditation process very well and provided all standards of accreditation used by AGPAL and QIP.


The group of Internees are very friendly, and all have common agenda to learn from experts of AGPAL and QIP and improve Healthcare Quality and Patient safety in their respective country.


I am honoured to be in a group of such high profile experienced and real change agents of Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety.


On behalf of our group, I want to thank ISQua for selecting us as internees for this prestigious and high impact learning opportunity; and AGPAL and QIP for hosting us and providing us with knowledge and skills to be able to become change agents for Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety standard implementation and accreditation in our respective countries.


9th October


We had an excellent session today on AGPAL’s operations with Kim Angove and Chris Stark. They explained AGPAL accreditation process and the use of the computer software Accreditation Pro used by the organizations registered for accreditation by AGPAL. Morning tea with staff in recognition of mental health day was observed with the staff of AGPAL to raise awareness of mental illness by wearing the oddest pair of socks.


Later we had an introductory meeting with Dr Stephen Clark, CEO of AGPAL, and he was very positive about the usefulness of the Internship programme and was very supportive to the idea of developing collaborations with developing countries to introduce AGPAL and QIP accreditation.


Tina Morris conducted the session on Education and training while Peter Frendin appraised us about the National development team and the possibility of International collaborations.


The sessions on how to become surveyors for AGPAL, Workforce Management, Education & Training and the National Development team were conducted by experts.


The participants were very excited about this learning opportunity and were very optimistic about using the knowledge gained in their respective countries to improve Quality and Patient Safety practices.


10th October


Today I attended the IHF 42nd World Hospital Congress, which was attended by a large number of participants from all over the world. Sessions were very informative. The best session, in my opinion, was on Patient centred care which was conducted by experts from the UK, USA, Belgium, Singapore and Australia. It was followed by an expert panel discussion. The conference was, as a whole, a great learning experience.


12th October


Today we had a very important session on how to develop Quality Standards by Louise Kuiper, National Manager of Quality Assurance and Accreditation Systems. It was an excellent learning session and I loved this session a lot because with this knowledge I can start my journey of developing Pakistan Quality Standard and get it approved; which is my dream and commitment.


We then visited the University of Queensland Business school with Dr Tina Janamian, Director at AGPAL. We were given a warm welcome there and we had the opportunity of listening to Prof Janet R. McColl-Kennedy about her co-creation of the Healthy services model. She shared excellent papers published on her and Prof Andrew Burton-Jones’s work on Digital Hospitals. We also heard from one more speaker from this department and two PhD Scholars working on the Co-creation model for Cystic Fibrosis patients. All presentations were excellent. I hope to replicate this model in Pakistan in collaboration with Prof McColl-Kennedy and UQ Business school. Later we were taken on a tour around the Queensland University campus which is very impressive.


15th October


On Friday, Dr Isabela and I had the opportunity to work as observers on an AGPAL accreditation survey of a healthcare organization with the surveyors of AGPAL. It was great learning experience because the standard of work was excellent and the software they are using is very user-friendly.


The surveyors were very professional and the facility representatives who were getting the survey done were very well prepared. We will be observers in a few more surveys during our internship next week and this will certainly be a great help to improve my surveying skills.


The last activity before we wrapped it off for the weekend was a meeting of the interns with ISQua CEO, Dr Peter Lachman.


16th October


I had the opportunity to visit the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and meet with Quality and Safety authorities. I learned quite a lot from them. Inshallah will share this learning with colleagues in Pakistan.


20th October


I am now back in Pakistan after successfully completing my Internship on Patient safety and Quality Improvement, and the Australian Healthcare Accreditation system.


I was one of only 8 fellows selected by ISQua in collaboration with AGPAL and QIP Australia. It was a great opportunity to learn about the Australian Accreditation system. The program was very well developed and conducted by experts. The learning from this program will be a great help to improve Quality and Patient Safety at Riphah International University hospitals as well as helping other hospitals in Pakistan and in the region at large.


It was a great honour to meet with the CEO of ISQua, Dr Peter Lachman and with Dr Stephen Clark, Group CEO of AGPAL and QIP, and to get to discuss with them about our journey towards developing Pakistan Quality standard. Thank you ISQua for the sponsorship and to AGPAL Australia group for hosting this International Internship.



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