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By ISQua Tuesday. Feb 22, 2022

Hear from Gilvane Lolato, Fellowship graduate from Brazil

We are delighted to share how the Fellowship Programme has benefitted Gilvane Lolato, Fellowship graduate from Brazil.


What did you find most beneficial?
Discovering experiences from other countries, meeting other people, and opportunity for reflection.

What did you like most about the programme?
Opportunities to reflect on different methods in different realities are undoubtedly the most important thing.

Have you been able to apply anything you learned to your role?
Yes, we have managed to improve improvement models, methods to listen to customers more consistently, and other useful ideas.


Participating in the programme made me reflect on concepts, and different methods that are applied for quality, patient safety and accreditation around the world.

It made me create critical thinking about some topics and how we are applying them in our day-to-day reality. It was really cool, and I hope I can continue learning.


Gilvane Lolato

Education manager, ONA



You can connect with Gilvane and other Fellowship participants in over 60 countries on the ISQua Community platform HERE.


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