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By ISQua Thursday. Jun 23, 2022

Hear from Larissa Marinho, Fellowship graduate from Brazil

We are delighted to share how the ISQua Fellowship Programme has benefitted new graduate, Larissa Marinho.


Healthcare systems worldwide are undergoing substantial transformation to enable delivery of patient-centered, safe, collaborative care. Quality and safety standards are used in health services across the world as a means of promoting excellence in patient care.

The ISQua Fellowship was very enlightening and provides the student with a broad literature review incorporating new and continuous knowledge improvement.

As a member of an accreditation body in Brazil I agree we should always focus on continuous change scenario in world healthcare and create new or update standards to increase variation in service delivery while ensuring that core standards of safety are embedded throughout the framework.

Also, to focus on developing an accreditation body team that appreciate ​​a close relationship with institutions providing tailored support to organizations. This could allow individuals and organizations to understand the value, benefits, and importance of the accreditation process. 

Dr Larissa Marinho
Adjunct Professor
Pontifical Catholic University of Goiás


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