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By ISQua Tuesday. Feb 22, 2022

Hear from Mojirola Martina Fasiku, Fellowship graduate from Nigeria

We are delighted to share how the Fellowship Programme has benefitted Mojirola Martina Fasiku, Public Health Physician in Nigeria.


My dream has always been to work in an environment where quality improvement and patient safety are made priorities. However, there are hinderances to this because of the environment I live and work being located in a low and middle income country. I have always thought we needed to get to the stage where high income countries are now to be able to achieve this.

After I was introduced to quality improvement and patient safety some years back, I began to take some courses on how to improve quality health care and patient safety. I was always curious about how to go about improving quality healthcare and patient safety and how to become a quality improvement expert. This opportunity came last year when I was offered a scholarship which included ISQua conference sponsorship, ISQua membership of one year and IQua fellowship opportunity. All these opportunities have broadened my horizons and have made me realize that we can still work on improving quality health care and ensure patient safety no matter the environment.


 Fellowship Benefit

1. Acquired more knowledge of how to improve quality care and patient safety despite staying in low resource setting. 

2. I gained a lot from the modules, webinars, publication reviews and assignments of the Fellowship Programme. 


Things I enjoyed the most

It has moved me closer to my dreams of not just becoming a quality improvement and patient safety expert but ensuring that quality improvement and patient safety is embedded in health institutions in my country starting with mine.



I have applied a lot of things that I have learnt which include:

1. Doing a root cause analysis of unwanted events to be able to solve the problems. 

2. I have stopped blaming people for errors that occur in providing health care services when there are obvious system errors.

3. I have also incorporated co-production in the management of my clients/patients. 

4. I have also been communicating more with my clients/patients, showing them compassion, kindness, and empathy.


I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the ISQua Fellowship Programme so much so that I completed the programme within 5 months because I was really motivated by all what I was learning.

I have started encouraging my colleagues to put in for the programme.


Mojirola Martina Fasiku

Public Health Physician 



You can connect with Mojirola and other Fellowship participants in over 60 countries on the ISQua Community platform HERE.


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