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By ISQua Monday. Jan 30, 2023

Hear from Nadia Aljishi, Middle East Fellowship graduate

We are delighted to share how the Middle East Fellowship Programme, developed in partnership with Nama Medical, has benefitted Nadia Aljishi, a recent recipient of this award.


 "The program was very beneficial; it improves my ability for literature critique, it provides me with the knowledge and skills to build standards to evaluate the different health sectors, and  it has the ability to stimulate deep learning. 

The program offered a very high standard in terms of teaching methods and was very enjoyable. The way of teaching, lectures, webinars, case studies, and literature reviews for all the modules was very interesting, and improves our performance. 
It is very relevant to my daily work and I have been able to apply all the things I learned directly to improve the place I work for." 

Nadia Aljishi


You can connect with Nadia and other heatlhcare professionals in over 60 countries on the ISQua Community platform HERE.


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