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By Sinead McArdle Friday. Sep 7, 2018

ISQua's Declaration on Patient Safety

The WHO has taken the lead in making patient safety a central part of the programme for Universal Health Coverage, UHC. If the quality of the health service is poor and it is unsafe then there is no UHC of value.

ISQua recognises the importance of Patient Safety and we issue this statement in support of the 2018 Tokyo Declaration on Patient Safety, which was proposed by Japan, UK, and Germany at the Third Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety, held on 14th April 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. 


As of 15th May, 29 countries, 5 international organisations and 5 of the specially invited organisations have agreed to endorse the declaration.

We will continue to support the WHO programmes on Patient Safety, Integrated Care, UHC and Policy Development.


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