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By ISQua Thursday. Aug 12, 2021

Learning Journey sessions at #ISQua2021 Featured


Are you an #ISQua2021 conference registrant and ISQua Fellowship participant? 

Watch the recordings (available until 31 August 2021) of ISQua Learning Journeys from #ISQua2021 and submit a reflection for Fellowship credits.


What are Learning Journey sessions?

Learning Journey sessions are designed to build greater context and depth of learning around key conference themes and particular areas of interest. These are live interview-based sessions running daily through the conference programme.

In these sessions, attendees will gain perspectives from notable quality leaders on elements of their own particular quality interest and experiences as they relate to ‘Emotion, Inspiration and Creativity’, as well as plenary session topics, quality as it relates to COVID19 and key learning points from their own personal journeys.

Attendees will be afforded the opportunity to ask their own questions and to explore key quality topics in greater detail. Learning Journey sessions may be of particular interest to ISQua Fellows and those earlier in their quality journey, however, everyone is welcome to join in and take part.


Who are the guest speakers?

The recordings for each of the sessions with guest speakers as below are available on the conference platform until 31 August 2021:

Thursday 8th July - Melanie Calvert and Nana A. Mensah-Abrampah

Friday 9th July - Pascale Carayon

Saturday 10th July - Trish Greenhalgh

Sunday 11th July - Isabella Castro, Anna Edwards, and Charles Vincent


How do I earn Fellowship credits?

Earn up to a maximum of 10 Fellowship credits for your participation at the Learning Journey sessions. Watch any or all sessions and submit a short reflection of 300-500 words:

Thursday 8th July: Learning Journey session and related reflection = 2 credits

Friday 9th July: Learning Journey session and related reflection = 2 credits

Saturday 10th July: Learning Journey session and related reflection = 2 credits

Sunday 11th July: Learning Journey session and related reflection = 2 credits

Reflection questions:

  • What did you learn throughout the session?
  • How is what you learned important to you?
  • How will you apply what you have learned in the future?

Final overall reflection (500-700 words) = 2 credits

Choose one plenary session theme (available as recordings on the conference platform) and complimentary learning journey session. Discuss how the material covered could improve quality of care in your own setting/country. Please try to cite a minimum of 3 other resources and provide real world practical examples. 


How do I log this activity?

Please log in to your Fellowship account on the ISQua Community platform and upload your reflection for each session as an elective under the category 'ISQua Learning Journey @ #ISQua2021'.


If you registered for the 2021 ISQua Conference (and/or for access to recordings) and would like to join the Fellowship Programme and start logging credits from these sessions, register at any time here

Find out more about the ISQua Fellowship Programme here or contact the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.




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