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By ISQua Wednesday. Mar 20, 2019

New branding set to take ISQua forward Featured

It is exciting to be able to launch the new ISQua logo and reveal the first ever logo for our newly established association, the International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (IEEA).


The design process for the new logo provided an opportunity to remind ourselves what ISQua stands for and reflect on how we want to be viewed by healthcare organisations and professionals around the world. A logo is a visual representation of an organisation and can form a crucial first impression, so we thought very carefully about what we wanted our new logo to say.


We chose to retain the strongest visual features of our original logo to preserve the recognition that we have developed over the past 34 years while creating a logo that is fit for the future. The Q for ‘Quality’ is highlighted by the colour graduation in the logo because quality is central to ISQua’s existence and ambition – to inspire and drive improvement in the quality and safety of healthcare worldwide.


The new logo will be used across all ISQua programmes, which we hope will imbue them with the trust and value that ISQua is known for while strengthening the overall brand.


The IEEA logo was created in tandem with the new ISQua branding and uses the same structure and typeface as the updated ISQua logo, to illustrate the connection between the two organisations while identifying them as separate entities.


The IEEA was established by ISQua in 2018 and is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Its primary offering continues to be the International Accreditation Programme (IAP), which delivers a unique global accreditation service for health and social care external evaluation organisations and standards developing bodies. 


Strengthening the ISQua brand and developing a recognisable IEEA brand are important steps on our journey into new markets and towards achieving our aspiration to become a global leader in healthcare transformation.



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