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Now is the time

The time is right to do what is right Martin Luther King

Time is always the enemy of one who wants to achieve change – time always runs out. As I write this final blog, I think of what was achieved during my term as CEO, but also of what still remains to be done. The journey to safe high quality person-centred care is a never-ending one. We strive to make a difference.  

The vision we have is that every person, no matter where they live or who they are, is treated equally and has access to high quality and safe person-centred care. This vision is one that we may never attain, due to the inherent structures of society worldwide. Over the past five years, we at ISQua have held this vision in our planning and decision making. We realised that our role was one to ensure that we all work together to achieve the goal, even though we are only playing a small part on the journey.

The right to health is often an abstract concept, but the pandemic has revealed the absence of that right, in concrete terms. The UN and WHO define the right to health as an inclusive right.  It concerns more than access to healthcare – it is about health itself, which includes the underlying determinants that enable health, but are often absent, like safe food, good nutrition and clean drinking water, sanitation, safe housing and a safe working environment. It is about gender equality, and health education that allows people to be healthy and teaches them to know how to be healthy. The pandemic has revealed the fragility of these rights.

All of these rights are reflected in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which should drive our purpose at ISQua. Goal three is Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development. The challenge is that we have yet to attain this basic goal in many parts of the world.

As we enter the post COVID period, we have an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to the vision of safe and equitable, high quality person-centred care. To do this we must have the core values of generosity, kindness, respect, partnership, transparency and integration. Add this to technical skills and much can be achieved.

Empowering people with Knowledge, building Networks to share the knowledge and most importantly, giving people a Voice is the way to achieve goals that we have set. Generosity and kindness are the way forward.

I believe that we have taken a few steps in the right direction.  The new learning management system and education programme will allow you to join us and take part on the journey. Our Knowledge festival and virtual conference will provide direction and our evaluation programmes will provide a foundation.

Being a member of ISQua will give you a sense of Belonging.  Knowledge is power. The time is now.

Dr Peter Lachman,


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