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By ISQua Wednesday. Mar 2, 2016

Safer Healthcare: Strategies for the Real World

These strategies are applicable at all levels of the healthcare system from the frontline to the regulation and governance of the system.

There have been many advances in patient safety, but we now need a new and broader vision that encompasses care throughout the patient’s journey. 

The authors argue that we need to see safety through the patient’s eyes, to consider how safety is managed in different contexts and to develop a wider strategic and practical vision in which patient safety is recast as the management of risk over time. Most safety improvement strategies aim to improve reliability and move closer toward optimal care. 

However, healthcare will always be under pressure and we also require ways of managing safety when conditions are difficult.  We need to make more use of strategies concerned with detecting, controlling, managing and responding to risk. 

Strategies for managing safety in highly standardised and controlled environments are necessarily different from those in which clinicians constantly have to adapt and respond to changing circumstances.

A pdf version of this book is available free to download from SpringerLink.

Charles Vincent (University of Oxford, United Kingdom) and René Amalberti (Haute Autorité de Santé, France) will both be speaking at ISQua's International Conference in Tokyo in October 2016. To find out more about their sessions, please visit our website.


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