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By ISQua Monday. Aug 31, 2020

WHO COVID-19 Health Services Learning Hub - Call for Innovative Practices Featured

The World Health Organization (WHO) is developing the COVID-19: Health Services Learning Hub (HLH) in response to the urgent demand from member states for technical support in maintaining essential health services during the COVID-19 pandemic response. The COVID-19: Health Services Learning Hub (HLH), will support implementation of WHO’s Operational guidance for maintaining essential health services (EHS) during an outbreak, which provides a set of targeted actions that countries should consider at national, regional, and local levels to reorganise and maintain access to essential quality health services for all. Further information on the HLH is outlined in the concept note.


The WHO are now looking for your assistance to help identify, capture and share examples of innovative practices being adopted across the world to reorganise and deliver essential health services in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. These practices may have been adopted at a national, regional or local level (health facility level e.g. hospital group or individual hospital / clinic) in your country. The WHO wish to capture these practices in the form of action briefs. If you have been involved in delivering essential health services during the COVID-19 pandemic in your country and you have an innovative practice or example to share about how you did this then we would encourage you to submit this as part of this data collection exercise. To see what information is being requested please see the HLH Action Brief. You can submit your practice using the following online survey.


If you have not been directly involved in such work but you know people who have been and who could provide such information on the practice we would encourage you to share this call with them and to encourage them to participate.


The action briefs are intended to be succinct with a focus on practical solutions and specific problems. The focus for now is on capturing as many innovative practices as possible so it does not have to be a final or polished product at this time and so your description can be shorter than the word limit of 500 words and bullet points are also acceptable. The WHO also encourage the use of video or multimedia to explain or supplement your practice (see example of this approach here). Videos or multimedia content may be sent directly to Dr Ghazanfar Khan Lead, COVID-19: Health Services Learning Hub at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please ensure that you mention in your email the action brief that the video or multimedia relates to and please also reference it in the online questionnaire.


As outlined in the concept note, the plan is that practices, solutions and ideas captured through the country briefs will then be explored and discussed in more detail through the learning laboratories. The learning laboratories are essentially dynamic communities of practice that will focus on sharing approaches and common strategies to health service challenges in the context of COVID-19. Facilitated learning labs on key thematic areas (i.e. digital innovation) will aid such discussions and help to challenge each other and spark innovation between countries.


Please share this call with anyone in your network who you think might have innovative practices that they could share.


Thank you for your support of this important initiative.


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