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5th Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety Featured

By | Nov. 4, 2022 |

Switzerland is honoured to host the next Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety, on 23 / 24th February 2023 in Montreux.

Hospital functions like a well-oiled machine

By | Oct. 13, 2022 |

When a hospital is accredited for a sixth time, pundits would say it is a safe assumption that it is functioning like a well-oiled machine: only a few tweaks are necessary to meet rigorous international standards.

Is healthcare accreditation worth it? Featured

By | Aug. 10, 2022 |

A look at six accredited South African private hospitals and how they managed to operate during COVID.


The COVID pandemic has taught the world many lessons. It shifted paradigms that global public health has taken for granted. The question that remains foremost in the minds of many is this: can health systems be made robust so that when the next pandemic or other disaster hits, we will be ready?

Webinar en Francais: Journée mondiale de la sécurité des patients 2022 Featured

Aug. 10, 2022 |

À l’occasion de la Journée mondiale de la sécurité des patients 2022, la Communauté francophone de pratique établie au sein de l’ISQua vous invite à participer à son prochain webinaire qui se déroulera le mardi 13 septembre à 15h00 (heure de Paris).

Hear from Mohammedamin A. Adel, Specialist Certificate graduate

By | Aug. 5, 2022 |

We are delighted to share how the ISQua Specialist Certificate in Person Centred Care has benefitted Mohammedamin A. Adel, a recent recipient of this award.

Partnership between ISQua & WPA Featured

By | Jul. 29, 2022 |

The World Patients Alliance (WPA) and the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), are delighted to announce our strategic partnership.

2022 HAL Career Achievement Announcement - Prize Recipient Featured

By | Jul. 27, 2022 |

We would like to offer our sincere congratulations to Ron D. Hays, PhDDistinguished Professor, Department of Medicine, the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA); Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management, UCLA School of Public Health; Senior Social Policy Analyst, RAND who has been awarded the 2022 Health Assessment Lab/Medical Outcomes Trust* John Ware and Alvin Tarlov Career Achievement Prize in Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs).

Hear from Chawapiwa Ndlovu, Fellowship graduate

By | Jul. 27, 2022 |

We are delighted to share how the Fellowship Programme has benefitted Chawapiwa Ndlovu, one of our most recent Fellowship graduates.

UC Davis Health 2-Day Clinical Quality Improvement Design Workshop Featured

By | Jul. 6, 2022 |

Registration open: 7th Annual UC Davis Health 2-Day Clinical Quality Improvement Design Workshop. The workshop is geared toward clinicians, health professions trainees, and healthcare staff who want to learn about how to design and implement a quality improvement (QI) project or initiative. Online access to required pre-workshop readings is provided in advance.

Hear from Larissa Marinho, Fellowship graduate from Brazil

By | Jun. 23, 2022 |

We are delighted to share how the ISQua Fellowship Programme has benefitted new graduate, Larissa Marinho.

Being on the Board of ISQua Featured

By | Jun. 17, 2022 |

Over the years that I've been associated with ISQua in various ways (over two decades now: time really does fly), I've noticed some characteristics of our members, fellows, academicians, and the multiplicity of other stakeholders that are involved with our work.

Hear from Raul Rakhmatullin, Specialist Certificate graduate

By | Jun. 13, 2022 |

We are delighted to share how the ISQua Specialist Certificate in Person Centred Care has benefitted Raul Rakhmatullin, a recent recipient of this award.

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