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Dr Carsten Engel Dr Carsten Engel
By Dr Carsten Engel Wednesday. May 4, 2022

Dr Carsten Engel - Celebrating my One Year Anniversary as ISQua CEO Featured

As I approach my first anniversary as CEO, I have taken some time to reflect on my past year with ISQua. It has been a pleasure to be welcomed into the ISQua family. A global community, complete with enthusiastic and passionate members striving toward a common goal. When appointed CEO in May 2021, ISQua was navigating its path as an organisation against the backdrop of a global pandemic. We continue at the forefront of innovation and versatility within the industry. We have overcome many challenges this past year, and I am very proud of our accomplishments.


A retrospective of the past year recalls several key milestones. Perhaps, most notable is ISQua's capability to adapt to new ways of working and our willingness to continue sharing knowledge and connecting with our community. ISQua virtual conference in 2021 was one example of our commitment to keeping our members engaged and connected. The conference was a resounding success, with 1,000 registrants in attendance. Community, Resilience, and Sustainability are the theme of our upcoming conference in Brisbane. These topics are pertinent now, and we are delighted to discuss them again with our ISQua community in person. My excitement is building as I look forward to our first in-person conference in three years. The conference on October 17-20 is an opportunity to be a part of designing the future of healthcare as we network and connect again. We are also in the preliminary planning phases for Seoul, Korea 2023, so there is plenty of fundamental work ahead.


The ISQua Fellowship programme has had a landmark year. Seeing the Fellowship grow in popularity and attract a record number of learners has been incredible. We recently established a group of tutors, Experts, and Fellows to provide feedback on assignments for our growing base of learners. As part of our mission to cultivate a global community of passionate healthcare professionals, we successfully signed two agreements on joint fellowships with CAHO India (South-East Asia Joint Fellowship Programme) and Nama Medical, Saudi Arabia (the Middle East Joint Fellowship Programme). In April of this year, I had the privilege of attending the CAHOCON Conference for the launch of the South-East Asia Fellowship Programme by ISQua and CAHO in Kochi, Kerala, India. ISQUA's mission requires collaboration, and partnerships such as this are the organisation's greatest asset.


In terms of partnerships, the successful launch of IJCOMS in July 2021 was another notable achievement for the organisation. The International Journal for Quality in Health Care Communications (IJQHC Communications) is a joint publication with our publishing partner, Oxford University Press (OUP). All papers published in IJQHC Communications are freely available online, assisting ISQUA in its goal of providing open access to essential research on health care. ’Network’ is a pillar of ISQua’s core values and our growing community of partners reflects this. ISQua has consolidated the Patient and Family Centred Advisory Council’s commitment to promote, enhance, and champion person-centered care within ISQua, and to drive improvements in the quality and safety of healthcare worldwide. Additionally, we have entered a partnership with the International Coproduction of Health Network (ICoHN). By combining networks and increasing our reach, we can share innovative ideas and educational materials with the broader community, allowing us to make a positive impact on patients and their families. We are reaching out to other potential partners to strengthen our contribution to the promotion of person-centered care.


As you probably know, my personal background is from accreditation, and I have been working with ISQua for many years in this field. Accreditation has been and will continue to be one cornerstone of ISQua. Thanks to the loyalty of our clients and the commitment of our surveyors and staff, we have been able to continue activities throughout the last year. Of necessity, organisational surveys have been virtual. I look forward to a busy year and to being able to offer onsite surveys again. The International Accreditation Programme has a long and proven track record. We wish it to remain at the cutting edge and therefore foresee a thorough review of it. Meanwhile, I also look forward to launching two new programmes later this year, offering recognition to Quality and Patient Safety Training Programmes and to standards with a more focused scope than the standards accredited under the International Accreditation Programme.


Looking ahead, I have been working extensively on the ISQua Strategy. The Board will soon approve an updated strategy for the next few years. The Strategy will launch and be made available to all ISQua members via the website - with an announcement over the coming weeks. Hopefully, it will serve as a positive touchpoint and structure for aligning our vision moving forward. First and foremost, I see myself and the rest of the team as facilitators. I hope we will meet the desire for learning and sharing that is so evident in our network, grow our network and thus be, as our vision says, the global leader of transformation in healthcare quality and safety.





Dr. Carsten Engel


International Society for Quality in Health Care


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