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By ISQua Thursday. Feb 21, 2013

Handbook on Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety

However the impact of quality in healthcare sector has been rather slow. One reason is that manufacturing sector was market driven and competition necessitated application of quality management practices and tools in this sector. This was and to an extent even today, has not been the case with healthcare sector. Firstly the healthcare sector by and large is regulated world over. Secondly demand and supply continues to remain skewed in favour of suppliers in most of developing economies. The supply of healthcare services has not kept pace with the demand, which is increasing due to rising population and rapid increase in life style diseases. Quality and therefore patient safety takes back seat in such circumstances.

Quality in manufacturing got push with the entry of large number of engineers taking quality as profession. This could not be the case with healthcare as doctors are in short supply even for their domain work. Quality in healthcare is much more complex as it deals with the safety i.e. saving human lives. Although healthcare services have substantial managerial part, the core of it comes from diagnostic centre, from surgeon’s operation table, from dispensing & administering of drugs etc. It is therefore necessary that healthcare professionals get well versed in the subject of quality. For example clinical audit can only be done by physicians/ surgeons. They need to be trained on art of auditing, data analysis and following up with corrective & preventing actions.

The HAND BOOK on PATIENT SAFETY & QUALITY of CARE is attempt to provide multidisciplinary topics under one umbrella as quality in a Health Care Organisation (HCO) can come only when clinicians, administrators, nursing staff, laboratory/ diagnostic staff and allied medical staff,  work as a TEAM. The unique feature of the HAND BOOK is that chapters have been written by the domain experts. There is a dedicated chapter on ACCREDITATION, with contribution coming from ISQua's CEO, on role of ISQua in promoting patient safety through accreditation. The book will be extremely useful for practicing healthcare professionals.  It will be equally beneficial for the faculty and the students pursuing medicine and hospital management.

This book can be published through Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers


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