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By Isabela Castro, ISQua Board Honorary Advisor - Patients Friday. Sep 17, 2021

In support of World Patient Safety Day Featured

For this year's World Patient Safety Day celebrated on 17th September, the theme chosen in a wide consultation conducted by the World Health Organization was "Safe Maternal and Newborn Care", accompanied by the call to action "Act now for the safe and respectful birth!".


Perinatal mortality rates, both maternal and neonatal, are extremely high, and paradoxically, the causes are largely preventable. The COVID-19 pandemic, and its repercussions for the continuity of health care services, aggravated a situation that was already unacceptable and served as a warning to the urgency of global mobilization.


According to World Health Organization, especially in maternal health, all women have the right to a safe and positive pregnancy and childbirth experience, with high quality and respectful maternity care, such as Respect and dignity, companion of choice, Clear communication by maternity staff, Pain relief strategies, Mobility in labour and birth position of choice.


For us, at ISQua, the symbolic potential of this World Day for Patient Safety is realized in action. The call to everyone's reflection on the importance of the patient and family in this issue is just as important as patient safety, especially maternal and child health.


Bibliographic data is clear regarding the benefits of involving patients and families in care and respecting their autonomy concerning the choices of their treatments, such as women having the freedom to choose between vaginal and c-section delivery and also concerning the human side, so necessary in all situations of care, but especially in this sublime moment, such as giving birth.  


We invite everyone, patients and families and the general public, to join us today to celebrate World Patient Safety Day 2021 and together reflect, uniting our voices to alert the world to the urgency of "Safe Maternal and Newborn Care".


Isabela Castro, DDs, MSc, MBA, IA, FISQua, FPCC

ISQua Board Honorary Advisor - Patients



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