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By ISQua Thursday. Jul 25, 2019

ISQua 'Learning about Improvement' Community of Practice – Lessons learned by the USAID ASSIST project from implementing research and evaluation studies Featured

ISQua were delighted to host the very first 'Learning About Improvement' Community of Practice! The team at the USAID ASSIST project presented a very interesting and interactive session on the lessons learned from implementing research and evaluation studies.



Conducting research and evaluation for quality improvement initiatives presents particular challenges as interventions tend to involve multiple actors, implementation activities diverse, and contexts dynamic. 


This webinar explored lessons learned by the USAID ASSIST project from implementing research and evaluation studies. 


The session focused on three Zika-related studies conducted in Latin America and the Caribbean: 


  1. Using a quality improvement approach to strengthen clinical Zika services: evidence from antenatal and newborn care in Peru
  2. Barriers and facilitators to microcephaly and neurodevelopmental screening in Jamaica 
  3. WHO quality improvement conceptual Framework development and testing in Honduras 


An overview of these studies was provided, challenges encountered during study design and implementation were discussed and lessons learned from these challenges were presented. The webinar draws from experiences in low- and middle-income settings, however the experiences shared in this session can be applied to all settings.

Intended audience
Anyone working in health and social care who is interested in creating safer systems, environments and products for everyone delivering and experiencing healthcare systems.

Learning objectives
a. To understand the key principles of Human Factors & Ergonomics science
b. To be able to describe how the Human Factors & Ergonomics approach to safety (most effective to least effective)
c. To have an appreciation of where Human Factors & Ergonomics could and should be considered to improve systems design and human interfaces/interactions.


Astou Coly, Director of Research and Evaluation, QPI, URC-CHS

M. Rashad Massoud, Director ASSIST project, URC-CHS


Leighann Kimble, ASSIST Improvement Advisor, URC-CHS


Watch the full recording below and share your feedback in the Comments box at the end of the page:



If you'd like to meet Dr Rashad Massoud and continue this conversation face-to-face, we will be hosting an in-person meeting of this Community of Practice at the ISQua Conference in Cape Town. Rashad will also be presenting at the #ISQua2019 Conference. More details HERE. 


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