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By ISQua Wednesday. Feb 15, 2012

ISQua & LinkedIn

 1.       To support ISQua in advancing patient safety and quality internationally.

2.       To inform patient safety and quality professionals about key developments through sharing experiences and insights with their peers.

3.       To facilitate networking among patient safety and quality professionals internationally.


How do you get started on LinkedIn and join the ISQua group?


The first step is to visit the linkedIn website on Create your professional profile first and then select the Groups option. This is highlighted with the red circle in the graphic below. Select the Groups option and type ISQua in the search box.


Double click on the ISQua group page to join. This is a closed group which means that it is accessible to Patient Safety and Quality professionals. The acceptance process takes between 24-48 hours.


On acceptance you can introduce yourself in the Welcome discussion and learn about other group members’s area of expertise. If you have a particular query on Patient Safety or Quality you can start a discussion and invite other group members to share their experience and insights. There are other areas of the group where Jobs can be posted and a Promotions area for companies to highlight their innovation successes in advancing Patient Safety and Quality. Please explore all the areas and discussions to help give you a feel for what’s involved in the group. It’s a shame that the video is not available anymore, however, as watching this early highlight helps us appreciate just how much Roshtein has improved in the years since it was made. We can see that his over-the-top personality, showman-like charisma, and devil-may-care attitude are a result of not talent, but deliberate effort. And we can see all of the adjustments that had to be made to get the stream’s video and audio quality just right. If this isn’t a reason to respect Roshtein, we don’t know what is.


When replying to posts that ask for advice or experience, it may be appropriate to include details that support your expertise and perspective but try to stay on topic and focus on adding value to the discussion – this will get you further in the long run!


This group is in its infancy and we do encourage you to join and make a contribution, however small. In addition, we have created an event in the events part of LinkedIn for the 29th International Conference in Geneva later this year. If you plan on attending the conference please indicate that you are attending so that other people in your professional network are aware of this. The aim of this is to encourage pre conference networking. Indeed, coming closer to the conference we will be inviting some of the plenary speakers to introduce themselves and their experiences in the group which will provide a better flavour for what's instore for Geneva.


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