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By ISQua Monday. Mar 14, 2022

ISQua's Statement on Healthcare During Conflict Featured

ISQua Statement: 15th March 2022


ISQua stands with those who need healthcare and those who provide healthcare during conflict.


Many people across the world are expressing concern and anxiety at unfolding events in Ukraine. We condemn the war and associated violence.


We stand with affected Ukrainian healthcare workers and their patients, as we watch them striving to deliver desperately needed services and to maintain high quality and safe care despite exceedingly challenging conditions.


For those who want more information about the conflict and its consequences, this is being reported reliably and compassionately by multiple authorities including:

  • World Health Organization (WHO) (here).
  • WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (here and here).
  • WHO Europe (here).
  • UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) (here).
  • International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) (here).


There must be no attacks on hospitals, healthcare workers, and ambulances. Ever. This violates humanitarian principles and laws, and we, as the ISQua community, denounce this.


International agencies and groups, and locals in neighbouring countries e.g., Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova, and Romania, are doing much to support the escalating number of refugees, all too often, women and children. No one knows the actual number, but the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has estimated refugees could total 4 million.


In times of rapidly changing circumstances, it is often difficult to know which way to turn or how to offer help. We are being asked, too, how people can donate most effectively, and to whom.


Trusted organisations include:


We earnestly hope that the war will end soon and the hard work of reconstructing a severely damaged and disrupted country, and healthcare system will begin. ISQua is ready, prepared at every step of the way to leverage our knowledge, its network and voice to support the efforts.


ISQua’s highly valued partner, the International Hospital Federation (IHF), a few days ago sent a message to its members, stakeholders and partners - 'We believe it is important to reiterate the message: hospitals, personnel, and ambulances should not and should never be a target! We invite you to be as vocal as possible in spreading this message'


On behalf of the Board and the entire ISQua community, we take this opportunity to declare our full support for this message, and we join IHF in inviting all ISQua stakeholders to spread it far and wide.


A pdf of our statement can be found here.




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