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By ISQua Friday. Jul 4, 2014


Different people would have different definition for this entity but one of my many is: an individual who has been led through the process of self-discovery to appreciate his person, his work, worth and his relevance to his world. Through knowledge sharing, mentoring, thought-provoking forum that make a professional question the status quo, this individual is gently but deliberately modelled into an expert of improvement science. He is aware of, but not limited by, cultural limitations or socio-economic constraints.


Using wisdom gleaned from these Fellowship interactions, I have, in the past few weeks, been engaged in developing project teams through active provision of contextual leadership. Providing shared vision and modeling the principles of QI and patient safety to health care professionals working in resource-restricted areas, with limited technical expertise and faced with real life health needs. I have taught and learnt, thought about and seen the harsh realities facing the health care professional working with a 21st century mindset in a 10th century environment.


Is there a difference between poor quality healthcare and harmful health care? What do you do about infection control practices when there is no access to clean water supply? Who helps you bridge the gap between the guidelines and the realities of daily practice? How do you influence change when governance doesn't speak your language? Daunting, almost depressing circumstances.....but opportunities for growth, change and improvement nonetheless!


Is it impossible to make a positive change? No. Difficult maybe but who said easy was better? This attitude, this mind set, that doesn't ignore the wall before us but finds a way through it, is what the ISQua Fellowship program brings out of her participants! That, and much more. So like Isaac Newton quipped, I quote, “ if I've seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”. online betting malaysia


The Fellowship has created that huge platform for me to stand on shoulders....this has influenced (and still influences) the way I live and the lives I their hundreds. And for that, and many more, I say thank you to ISQua.


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