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By ISQua Monday. Jun 18, 2012

Thoughts From a New ISQua Surveyor

All the preparation/research you do doesn’t prepare you for the inevitable. There is always trepidation.


I first looked for support, who do I turn to or where do I get the information I need. Well I got that and more from a great mentor, Elma Heidmann from Canada. She provided me the “wise counsel” and direction with my first foray into the international accreditation field.


There were challenges, around language interpretation, cultural interpretation, and of course information in non-English language. 


Some great learnings for me were;


  • The advantages of using technology – Skype, to have discussions with your co-surveyor
  • Always have the ISQua reference materials available to view
  • Never be afraid to ASK for some clarification
  • Always keep an open mind and debate with your fellow surveyor and
  • Always have ISQua Accreditation staff email addresses readily available.  


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