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By ISQua Friday. Feb 10, 2023

Webinar Recording: Improving Health Equity for Children through Quality Improvement Featured

This webinar explored challenges in providing equitable access to good quality health care in paediatric settings through panel discussion. Facilitated by Ulfat Shaikh, panellists were asked;

    • In the work that you do, what is a big challenge to addressing health equity?
    • What is a quality improvement program/intervention/innovation to address health equity for children that you believe has made a significant difference?
    • Reflecting on the quality improvement program/intervention/innovation you mentioned, what are a couple of key steps that ISQua and AAP COQIPS members can take in their own roles to help with its scale up or spread?
    • What is one piece of advice that you would like to give to people on this webinar who are just starting off on their journey to improve health equity for children through quality improvement?

Panellists: Ulfat Shaikh (facilitator), Peter Lachman, Isabela Castro, Meghan Drayton-Jackson, Joel S. Tieder

Ulfat Shaikh
Professor of Pediatrics and Medical Director for Healthcare Quality @University of California Davis Health
Peter Lachman
Lead Faculty Quality Improvement Programme @Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
Isabela Castro
Patient Advocate @Beryl Institute & Planetree
Meghan Drayton Jackson
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics @Indiana University School of Medicine
Joel S.Tieder
Professor of Pediatrics @Seattle Children's Hospital


Watch the recording HERE 


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