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By Isabela Castro Thursday. Jun 9, 2022

What Matters to You 2022 – Pass the Mic and Build Community Featured

The days are passing faster and intensely, just as human relationships are taking on a different tone, a new way. Knowledge is increasingly liquid, and today we can be anywhere we want, with a technological connection that leads us to a human connection - high tech, high touch. I am in my office in Rio de Janeiro and wonder (curiously) where you are reading this blog now? How many miles away from me? See how connection is unlimited? 


However, friend, this year we have some essential reflections. After two challenging years of the pandemic, I can breathe a sigh of relief and thank you for remaining firm and loving through this. As patients, we have proven that our value goes far beyond what anyone could have imagined; achieving better healthcare systems, improved safety and quality, and better experiences for all of us: patients, families, and workers. We have shown that societies ideal of knowledge is a construct and that knowledge gained outside the classroom can be just as authentic. Being by the bedside or in the bed itself allows you a unique perspective on the entire health system and its unfortunate bottlenecks needing improvement. So, why is it so hard for people to pass the mic to us?


The pandemic taught us a great deal, but we still have substantial work to be done. In hospitals worldwide, patients and family members try to understand what is happening. Others look resignedly to their doctors for many reasons; perhaps out of fear or insecurity, or they are stuck in a rigid and outdated culture, some have lost their spirit and passively watch the conduct of their treatments.


It takes courage to see your responsibility for global health and the construction of new cultures. Pass the mic and invite someone to speak. Allow someone to have the chance to say what matters. Expand the range of peoples voices. Be your leader and agent of change. If not you, then who? If not today, then when? The time is now. Listen to that “something” you feel in your stomach whenever you see a disparity. Create a movement that stands up to stop it. Believe me you do not know your power. 


My focus for this year is the idea of a global community expanding our voices and networks and fostering greater collaboration among all. We must end all exclusionary movements and strive daily to include more perspectives in the discussions, ensuring a diverse collective has a voice.


More people need a seat at the table. Give them what is rightfully theirs. Pass the mic! 


Be brave! Much Love, 




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