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By ISQua Saturday. Sep 26, 2020

Watch the Recording: Healthcare workers safety: a Priority for Patient Safety Featured

Our panel discusses the mental health of health workers, the concept of the 'second victim' and workplace bullying. How is patient safety affected by these issues and what can be done to keep patients safe?


  • Dr Zainab Yunusa-Kaltungo, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Former Patient Safety Lead, Federal Teaching Hospital Gombe, Gombe, Nigeria
  • Dr Gbonjubola Abiri, Consultant Psychiatrist and Medical Director Tranquil and Quest Behavioural Health
  • Chika Odioemene, RN, CEO & Founder Utopian Healthcare


Host: ISQua


  • Stephen Balogun, ISQua Ambassador
  • Emmanuel Aiyenigba, 1st ISQua Emerging Leader
  • Rita Okonkwo, current ISQua Emerging Leader
  • Kendra Njoku, ISQua Fellow
  • Achama Eluwa, ISQua Fellow

Watch the recording here:




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