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The Roots of the Future - 30 years since the founding meeting of ISQua

On 29th and 30th May 2015, ten founding and early members of ISQua met again in Udine, Italy to discuss 'The Roots of the Future' and to show what they had learned about quality in healthcare since the first meeting in 1985. 

This session was organised by Andrea Gardini, President of SIQUAS, and with the support of the Regional Organisation among Municipalities and Local Health Trustees and Hospitals (Federsanità-ANCI) and Prof. Silvio Brusaferro Professor of Public Health, in the University of Udine and in the University Hospital.

This meeting was recorded and is available below in its entirety and broken into the individual speakers. Special thanks to Fulvia Andri and Ada Prelazzi for providing the excellent translation.

Full recording of the meeting in Friuli Venezia Giulia's region auditorium in Udine with english translation.

Individual Speakers

Hannu Vuori -
'Systematic review of the development of QA in Finland. Lessons for others' 
Charles Shaw -
'Quality Mapping as a basis for national policy coordination' 
 Hannu Vuori & Charles Shaw Q&A
Rosa Sunol -
'EU Projects: what have we learned implementing Quality of Care?'
Elma Heidemann -
'Lessons from Canadian Council and International ISQua Accreditation'
Agnes Jacquerie -
'The emergence of the beginning process of accreditation in French Belgian Hospitals'
Evert Reerink -
'Education for quality in health care at undergraduate level'
William B. Jessee -
'Teaching Quality improvement to Senior Health Care Executives'
Lluis Bohigas Santasusagna -
'Quality and Sustainability'
Carlo Favaretti & Franco Perraro -
Closing Discussion