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ISQua's Emerging Leaders

ISQua Emerging Leader 2015/2016

                        Introducing Roula Gharios Zahar


Roula Gharios Zahar has been selected by ISQua as the Emerging Leader for 2015/2016.

Roula is co-founder and Deputy General Director of Mount Lebanon Hospital in Hazmieh-Lebanon since 1997. She has been working in the quality field since 2002, and is member of the National Committee for Hospital accreditation since 2009. As board member in the syndicate of private hospitals in Lebanon, she contributed in the improvement of the accreditation process for Lebanese hospitals. Ms. Zahar holds degrees in economics from the American University of Beirut and hospital management from Saint-Joseph University, Paris-I Pantheon Sorbonne, Paris-Dauphine University in Paris. She earned a degree in mediation from Saint Joseph University and has contributed in several activities in family and delinquent youth mediation.

A word from our new Emerging Leader

"When I first started my career in hospital administration, Quality was a vague concept that barely attracted my attention and I never expected Quality would be my priority. Thanks to a group of foreign experts conducting accreditation in Lebanon, I embarked on this fascinating journey without suspecting to find such a passionate path and rewarding experience. Learning, leading, improving and measuring became my drives. Looking back at this evolution I wonder how it was sustained and how it evolved. Actually, after this initial hook, the incentive to continue improving quality faded. Once foreign experts were gone, I was tempted by my usual, comfortable routine specially that the accreditation process was slowed down in Lebanon. Quality improvement started to look like a one-time experience, a nice souvenir, comparable to vacation pictures. Would I have been engaged, involved and passionate without meeting and connecting with people, accessing relevant topics, sharing ideas, learning, getting updates and information and most of all being inspired? The answer is probably NO - not without my connection to ISQua. 

Through its various activities and programs, ISQua has been incomparably effective in promoting quality improvement, accrediting accreditors, providing education and tools to the quality community, sharing knowledge, connecting experts and juniors to constantly sustain the momentum for improvement.
This board spectrum of activities culminates in the Emerging Leaders Program. As pointed out by my predecessor Emmanuel Aiyenigba “The effects of poor leadership (or its complete absence) are so tangible to me now. One would need a mind-altering substance to deny the problem.” Once more ISQua has been able to build a program that answers an important need: the development of Leadership in Quality Improvement and Safety in Healthcare.

Inspiring, supporting and empowering leaders in emerging countries is a well thought of, ingenious scheme to push further for much needed changes and progress in these countries. The use and development of local resources and capacity in order to achieve excellence goals and fill the gaps is undeniably the safest way to sustainable better health outcomes.

I would like to thank ISQua’s members, experts, staff, experts and board for leading the way, for directing and motivating quality lovers and specially for sustaining the motivation, providing the tools to those who are engaged to promote quality and safety in healthcare.

Please remain our guiding light, raise the bar so that we achieve the best and help us unite around this passionate goal. I hope to be able to make a difference, and be up to your trust.

Roula Gharios Zahar
September 2015


Read Roula's Programme Journal - Updated Regularly 

ISQua Emerging Leader 2014/2015

Introducing Emmanuel Aiyenigba

                                                          Emmanuel Aiyenigba

Emmanuel Aiyenigba was selected by ISQua as the inaugural Emerging Leader for 2014.
Emmanuel is an ASQ Certified Quality Manager and works with PharmAccess Foundation, a not-for-profit organization with the vision of making good health care accessible in Africa, contributing to healthier populations and social and economic development. Driven with a passion to cause measurable change in health care settings especially through the establishment of quality improvement systems, he is an addicted learner who enjoys facilitation and is a great team player. 

He currently functions in the role of a Certified Surveyor with the SafeCare Initiative which introduces standards that enable healthcare facilities in resource-restricted settings to measure and improve the quality, safety and efficiency of their services and allow for rating and benchmarking of providers across the health system. A certified Project Management Professional, he enjoys applying relevant project management methods to the health care environment. 

He is a member of the Project Management Institute, the American Society for Quality, the Knowledge Management Institute and a proud member of ISQua. 

My Journey as the 2014 Emerging Leader by Emmanuel Aiyenigba

When he was presented with his Emerging Leader Certificate at the ISQua International Conference in Rio this year, he told us what it meant to him:


Why "Emerging Leader"?

Before embarking on the first stage of his journey, Emmanuel shares his thoughts as to why he believes  "ISQua chose the words 'The Emerging Leader'

And so it begins...........

The first part of Emmanuel's Emerging Leader's Journey took place in Ghana where he embarked upon the Project Fives Alive [PFA]. 

"As I sat in the lounge of the Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos Nigeria, I mused over the happenings of the past few months and how the unfolding events led me here…as a man on a mission – an ISQua Emerging Leader......................."

Read all about Emmanuel's experience on this wonderful Project.

The Journey

Description   Focus Lessons Learnt 
Becoming an Improvement Coach
Attendance at Worskhops in Tamale and Wa, Ghana 
  • Introduction to the Training, Selection of an Improvement Project to serve as basis for learning;
  • Presentation on the Improvement Project;
  • Close out of Improvement Project;

  • Selection of an Improvement Project that was crucial to the success of the Program I lead in Nigeria
  • Team Facilitation Skills
  • Knowledge and Skills on the implementation of the Breakthrough Series

 Visit to Health Care Informed Ireland
  • Understanding the work of HCI and the roles played in establishing and sustaining the work of Quality; Site Visit

  • Putting structure and deliberate documentation into the work of facilitation.
  • Ensuring the patient remains the focus of care delivery
  • Attention to requirements for Facilitation skills and competencies;
  • Exposure to the structure and legal requirement surrounding Nursing homes
 Visit to AandL Goodbody Ireland
  • Insight into the legal framework of the Irish Health Care system
  • Experiencing firsthand the realities of Litigation in Health Care
  • Set the ball rolling for the Patient Safety Advocacy Group!
  • Quite exciting to see all the theories being played out in real life. Attention to details is a major.
Visit to Royal College of Surgeons Ireland which included RCSI's main college and Leadership Institutue
  • Holistic learning from different perspective of the College work; Connecting with the Human Factors expert
  • Meeting with the Institute of Leadership team; Walkthrough session with the Talent-Q expert on understanding personality
  • Introduction to the world of quality enhancement, the teaching and research into Human Factors in Health care
  • Exposure to the Transformational Leadership model.  Taking the Talent-Q

 Vist to Health Information Quality Authority, Ireland
  • Office Orientation Tour/Health Safety Standards and Guidance Meeting
  • Children’s team responsibilities and services; Older persons – Standards and regulatory responsibilities
  • Regulation Healthcare – National Standards plus role in monitoring healthcare. Development of national standards for safer better healthcare.
  • Health information; Health technology assessment
  • Communications and stakeholder engagement team; IHI Programme
  • An intense exposure to the Regulatory world of Ireland’s health care system.
  • Setting up a Communication Unit to harmonize the interface between the Organization and the Public
  • The power of the public as it relates to Published Investigation reports.
Visit to Tallaght Hospital, Ireland
  • Meeting with the Governance Team;
  • Tour of the hospital

  • Understanding the importance of continuous improvement
  • Seeing the dynamics of a large hospital’s commitment to Quality and Patient Safety
 Vist to St. Mary’s Hospital of the Imperial College Health Trust, NRLS, United Kingdom
  • St. Mary’s Hospital of the Imperial College Health Trust, NRLS
  • Patient Safety Congress, Department of Health, St. Thomas’

  • The setup of the Reporting System
  • Understanding the Patient Safety II model


A very brief summary of Lessons Learned

  • Became a Certified Improvement Coach on the platform of the very successful Project Fives Alive!

  • Acquired skills in designing and developing Educational and Training Programs

  • Improved working knowledge of the International Accreditation space

  • Understanding of the Healthcare structure of Ireland and England (this helped me draw contrasts and comparisons between these and Nigeria)

  • A first hand intense experience of a rather successful Regulatory Body (HIQA)

  • Exposure to the Human Factors in Healthcare and networking with Industry experts

  • Networking opportunities with diverse professionals

Opportunity to learn about Transformational Leadership from the Institute of Leadership.