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Sara Yaron

Person Centred Care

Sara Yaron is involved as a patient and a care giver, since 1983. She started volunteering as patients advocate in the Israeli Cancer Association and "Reach to Recovery", personally, nationally and internationally.

Sara assisted women at the very beginning, when they were diagnosed with Breast Cancer, teaching them the necessary terminology, so they could speak the same language as their doctors, in order to make an informed decision, to keep their Autonomy, and not to be as a soldier in a chess game.

Sara was involved for years with medical school students, trying to bring them the patient's perspective, and to convince them how important is to listen in order to understand and to get more information about the patient.

In 1999, she joined the Cochrane Collaboration as a patient in the Breast Cancer group, writing comments on reviews from a patient perspective. Sara was elected to the Governing Council of the Consumers Network, and again elected to the Consumer Executive Committee.

In 2007, she joined the Patient Safety, and Patient for Patient Safety. She became an active member and was invited to represent patient's view re. safety issues in medical care, in international conferences.

In 2010, Sara was one of the leaders in establishing a national organisation, "SHEVET", which is a partnership between patients, doctors and policy makers, for safety health care.

Since 2014, Sara has been an active member in the Ethics Committee, in one of the biggest hospitals in Israel.

Sara’s wish as the Honorary Advisor on PCC would be to share her experience, and to bring medical care to a better& safety place.

Professionally, Sara is a private Lawyer who runs her own practice.