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By Sara Yaron, Patient Representative on the ISQua Board Thursday. Sep 12, 2019

Be involved in your own healing process


If you are a patient who wants to be involved in the healing process or a caregiver, this is my advice:


  • Try to be, as much as possible, actively involved in your own care
  • It is essential to ask any question you may have since safe health care starts with efficient communication.
  • Ask politely all questions for all information relevant to your disease.
  • Make sure you understand the doctor's remarks and don't be afraid to ask them to clarify anything you are unsure of
  • Be sure to provide accurate information about your own, and your families, health history


"Remember that you and your close family are the only ones for whom your wellbeing and quality of life take precedence above all other considerations. Do not assume that in the eyes of other people, including reputable physicians, your wellbeing is primordial and that it is the only factor they take into consideration."


Sara Yaron,

Cochrane Collaboration

Patient Representative on the ISQua Board