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One Person One Team One System

By ISQua | Jun. 11, 2014 |

In March 2014, Sir John Oldham’s Independent Commission on Whole Person Care published its report ‘One person, one team, one system’.

Deepening our understanding of quality improvement in Europe (DUQuE)

By ISQua | May. 6, 2014 |

Oxford University Press have provided advanced access to the DUQuE Study. The following is an excerpt from the article which will be published in the April 2014 26 (2) Edition of the International Journal for Quality in Health Care.

Making the switch from clinical practice to HTA

By ISQua | Apr. 24, 2014 |

Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed.

Irene Peter

Using Experience-based Co-design (EBCD) to improve the quality of healthcare

By ISQua | Apr. 8, 2014 |

Following a recent ISQua webinar by Professor Glenn Robert on the topic of using the ‘Experience-based Co-design’ approach to improve the quality of health care services,

The Architecture of Productive Learning Networks

By ISQua | Feb. 18, 2013 |

The Architecture of Productive Learning Networks explores the characteristics of productive networked learning situations and, through a series of case studies, identifies some of the key qualities of successful designs.

Between the Flags - Keeping Patients Safe

By ISQua | Feb. 14, 2013 |

In January 2010, the New South Wales public health system introduced a patient safety net system called Between the Flags (BTF)

The Patient Voice – a Key Catalyst for Change

By ISQua | Feb. 5, 2013 |

Patients and families have a key role in patient safety and system innovation. 

Is evaluation at risk for unintended drift towards bureaucratization?

By ISQua | Sep. 16, 2015 |

The following is a 'thought paper' which was shared with us through our LinkedIn group by Carsten Engel:

A Practical Guide for Large-Scale Improvement Projects Using Ghana’s Project Fives Alive!

By ISQua | Jul. 15, 2015 |

A Practical Guide for Large-Scale Improvement Projects Using Ghana’s Project Fives Alive!

Observation of Handover Process in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU): Barriers and Quality Improvement Strategy

By ISQua | Mar. 2, 2015 |

At a hospital in Singapore, we formed a team to observe nurses and doctors giving their report

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