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By Sinead McArdle Monday. Sep 16, 2019

Canada - exclusive screening of To Err is Human

Join CPSI, Patient for Patients Safety Canada, HSO and CAE Healthcare on September 17th at the Ottawa Art Gallery or virtually online to celebrate the first World Patient Safety Day! Watch an exclusive screening of To Err is Human, participate in a panel discussion, and network with senior Canadian Healthcare leaders who are working to make care safer.


The World Health Organization has declared September 17 as the first World Patient Safety Day. Globally, 134 million adverse events contribute to 2.6 million deaths each year due to unsafe care. At 28,000 deaths per year in Canada, patient harm ranks third in mortality after cancer and heart disease.


The Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI), in partnership with Patients for Patient Safety Canada, Health Standards Organization (HSO) and CAE Healthcare, invites you to commemorate the first World Patient Safety Day by attending a featured screening of To Err is Human.


This patient safety documentary interviews healthcare leaders, highlights real-world efforts toward safer care and explores one family’s compelling journey from victimhood to empowerment.


After the film, senior Canadian healthcare leaders will discuss important healthcare issues facing Canadians today. The discussion will continue at an informal reception in the lobby.


Register here:


Event and live stream begins 3:00 PM ET

Panel discussion begins 4:45 PM ET

Live stream ends 5:20 PM ET

Ottawa reception begins 5:30 PM ET