The International Society
for Quality in Health Care

ISQua's Mission Statement:

"to inspire and drive improvement in health, and the safety and quality of healthcare worldwide."

Our vision is to be the leader of transformation in health and healthcare worldwide.



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Who We Are

ISQua was established in 1985 with a vision to promote quality and safety in health care through international co-operation and collaboration. ISQua is dedicated to making this vision a reality.

While much has been achieved in the last 30 years of our operation, there is still more to be done. Adapting and continuing ISQua's vision for the future will always require new visionaries to carry things forward.

"ISQua is an international acorn. With our members behind it, you never know how much growth that acorn may one day achieve" - Jack Best, ISQua President 1991-1993, writing in the ISQua Journal in 1995.


Strategic Goals 2022 - 2026

ISQua’s most recent strategy, which covers 2022-2026, was approved by the Board on 15th June 2022.


We have recommitted to maintaining the overall strategic direction but have projected our key aims across the next five years.


Our mission statement remains the same – to inspire and drive improvement in the quality and safety of healthcare worldwide through education and knowledge sharing, external evaluation, supporting health systems, and connecting people through global networks.’


Our vision has been updated slightly to include ‘for all’ -  to be the global leader of healthcare quality and safety transformation for all.


Our Values have also been reviewed and modernised:

  • Excellence
  • Evidence-Based
  • Person-Centred
  • Sustainability
  • Equity
  • Integrity


We have added to our tagline of Knowledge, Network, and Voice, an additional evocative word – Action.


The International Society for Quality in Health Care Company Limited by Guarantee trading as The International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua).


Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20072445

Charitable Tax Number: CHY 18724

Company Number: 461093

Address: Suite 113, 1st Floor, South Point, Herbert House, Harmony Row, Dublin 2, D02 H270, Ireland


ISQua is an independent not-for-profit organisation and as such does not endorse, promote or support any particular products or services provided by third parties.


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Our People

ISQua is a global community committed to improving person-centred care and quality in health care.

ISQua Partners

ISQua has one of the most extensive international partnership networks in the world, including official relations with WHO (World Health Organization). ISQua is proud to be associated with all of our partners. We are grateful to them for their continued support and strategic partnership.

ISQua Awards


Lifetime Membership Award

The Life Membership Award is bestowed on individuals for their exceptional service to ISQua and their achievements in the field of quality improvement.


Distinguished Services Award

The Distinguished Services Award is bestowed on individuals for their contribution to the the achievement of ISQua's mission.


The Reizenstein Award

The Reizenstein Award recognises the author of the best paper submitted to the International Journal for Quality in Health Care each year.

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