Acknowledging Exceptional
Achievements in Health
Care Quality

ISQua Life Membership Award

Our Life Membership Award is bestowed on individuals for their exceptional service to ISQua and their achievements in the field of quality improvement.


Brian Johnston Australia
Bruce Barraclough Australia
Chris Brook RIP Australia
John Best Australia
Lee Tregloan RIP Australia
Peter Carter Australia
Stephen Clark Australia
Phil Hassen Canada
Elma Heidemann Canada
Triona Fortune Ireland
Austin Leahy Ireland
Roisin Boland RIP Ireland
Evert Reerink Netherlands
Rosa Sunol Spain
Ferdinand Siem Tjam Switzerland
Tracey Cooper UK
Charles D Shaw RIP UK
David Bates USA
Heather Palmer USA
John Helfrick USA
William Jessee USA
Sheila Leatherman USA
M. Rashad Massoud USA
Hannu Vuori Vietnam

Distinguished Service Awards

Our Distinguished Services Award is bestowed on individuals for their contribution to the the achievement of ISQua's mission.


NameCountryYear of Award
Barbara Donaldson New Zealand 2008
Chris Brook RIP Australia 2009
Thomas Perneger Switzerland 2009
Helene Beaard Netherlands 2013
Paul van Ostenberg USA 2015
Rosa Sunol Spain 2015
Bruce Barraclough Australia 2016
Rene Amalberti France 2018

Presidential Citation

Presented in recognition of valuable and dedicated contributions to ISQua. 

NameCountryYear of Award
Eric Schneider USA 2014
Duncan Inverarity Ireland 2016

Presidential Citation for Distinguished Services

In 2019 the Presidental Citation and the Distinguished Service Award were amalgamated into a single award, the Presidential Citation for Distinguished Services.

This Award recognises conspicuous contributions to the purposes of ISQua or the facilitation of those purposes in any particular activity of ISQua and can be awarded to an Individual Member or Institutional Member.

NameCountryYear of Award
Shelia Leatherman USA 2019
Janne Lehmann Knudsen Denmark 2019
Clifford Hughes Australia 2020
Wendy Nicklin Canada 2022
Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC) Jordan 2023

The Reizenstein Award

The Reizenstein Award recognises the work of the authors who submit papers to The International Journal for Quality in Health Care and is presented annually to the authors of the best paper. The award is named after Peter Reizenstein, ISQua's first president and the founding editor of the International Journal for Quality in Health Care.

Paper TitleAuthorsPublished Year
Winner: A regional approach to reduce postoperative opioid prescribing in Ontario, Canada. Timothy D Jackson, Azusa Maeda, Tricia Beath, Nancy Ahmad, Pierrette Price-arsenault, Hui Jia, Jonathan Lam, and David Schramm 2022
Winner: Implementation research on measuring quality in primary care: balancing national needs with learning from the Eastern Mediterranean Region. MONDHER LETAIEF, LISA R. HIRSCHHORN, SHEILA LEATHERMAN , ALAA A. SAYED , AZIZ SHEIKH , and SAMEEN SIDDIQI 2021
Winner: The 40 health systems, COVID-19 (40HS, C-19) study Jeffrey Braithwaite, Yvonne Tran, Louise A Ellis, Johanna Westbrook 2020
Winner: Quality of care in six sub-Saharan Africa countries: a provider-based study on adherence to WHO’s antenatal care guideline Patrick Opiyo Owili, Miriam Adoyo Muga, Bomar Rojas Mendez, and Bradley Chen 2019
Winner: Are root cause analyses recommendations effective and sustainable? P Hibbert, Matthew JW Thomas, Anita Deakin, William B Runciman, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Stephanie Lomax, Jonathan Prescott, Glenda Gorrie, Amy Szczygielski, Tanja Surwald and Catherine Fraser. R. Kuhlen 2018
Honourable Mention: Patient and hospital characteristics that influence incidence of adverse events in acute public hospitals in Portugal: a retrospective cohort study Paulo Sousa, António Sousa Uva, Florentino Serranheira, Mafalda Sousa Uva, Carla Nunes 2018
A multifaceted quality improvement strategy reduces the risk of catheter-associated urinary tract infection Lars Holger Ehlers, Morten Berg Jensen, Katherina Beltoft Simonsen, Gitte Sand Rasmussen, & Jeffrey Braithwaite 2017
Attitudes towards accreditation among hospital employees in Denmark: a cross-sectional survey Cecelia N. Theobald, Matthew J. Resnick, Thomas Spain, Robert S. Dittus, & Christianne L. Roumie 2017
The effect of peer review on mortality rates W. Krahwinkel, E. Schuler, M. Liebetrau, A. Meier-Hellmann, J. Zacher, R. Kuhlen, for HELIOS Medical Board and HELIOS Working Group on Peer Reviewing 2016
Compliance with hospital accreditation and patient mortality: a Danish nationwide population‐based study Anne Mette Falstie-Jensen, Heidi Larsson, Erik Hollnagel, Mette Nørgaard, Marie Louise Overgaard Svendsen, Søren Paaske Johnsen 2015
Is quality improvement sustainable? Findings of the American college of cardiology's guidelines applied in practice Adesuwa B. Olomu, Manfred Stommel, Margaret M. Holmes-Rovner, Andrew R. Prieto, William D. Corser, Venu Gourineni, Kim A. Eagle 2014
Associations of patient safety outcomes with models of nursing care organization at unit level in hospitals Carl-Ardy Dubois, Danielle D'amour, Eric Tchouaket, Sean Clarke, Michèle Rivard, Régis Blais 2013

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