ISQua Fellowship Programme

Connecting people and
ideas in healthcare 

The Fellowship Programme inspires the advancement of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety initiatives within the healthcare industry.


The ISQua Fellowship is fostering a global community of passionate healthcare professionals, who are united by a single common goal: safer healthcare.


ISQua's global reach means we are ideally situated to bring together lessons and perspectives from a variety of cultural and socio-economic contexts.


Our community includes the world's most renowned experts in quality improvement, patient safety and global standard setting who contribute to our educational content, live webinars and as advisors to the ISQua Board.



If you are a healthcare professional who wants to learn more about quality improvement, the Fellowship Programme is a perfect place to start.

ISQua Education Values


Learn from a wide range of international experts and peers, and start making improvements within your own personal context.


Expand your professional network, make new contacts and become a valued member of our community.



Share your plans or ask for advice from the Community, offer your insight and experience on the discussion boards. 


The Fellowship is full of practical advice on achieving positive improvements. Take action, test, measure, try again!

The Fellowship is a self-directed learning resource, available 24/7.


The Programme is bundled into courses on Quality Improvement, Critical Crisis Thinking, Patient Safety, Person-Centred Care and more!


Individuals who register for the ISQua Fellowship will also receive annual ISQua Membership, giving access to the International Journal for Quality in Health Care.

What our Fellows say

"Every area learnt on the Patient Safety module of the Fellowship Programme has made me a better person. I am more empowered and ready to change my organization, and the world. I am ready to champion quality and patient safety. I will educate and empower more people, and organizations on matters quality and patient safety." 

Jane Ngivu
Quality & Safety Manager
Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, Kenya


Jane Ngivu

Fellowship Fees

First YearDurationLIC LMIC UMIC UIC
Membership & Fellowship 12 months €150 €225 €337.50 €450*
Renewing your FellowshipDurationLICLMIC UMIC UIC
Membership & Fellowship  12 months €100 €150 €225 €300*

* ISQua offers a discount to Students and Trainees from High-Income countries. New subscriptions - €375.00 / Renewals - €250.00

LIC = Lower Income
LMIC = Lower Middle Income
UMIC = Upper Middle Income
UI = High Income

Find out which classification your country is assigned by the World Bank.


Group Enrolments


Please note that groups can be facilitated through Institutional Membership. Groups registered on the Fellowship receive access to the Fellowship but do not receive individual ISQua Memberships.


Enrolling a group of 10 or more participants qualifies for 30% discount as of 1st January 2024!


Please contact if you are an Institutional Member wishing to enrol a group.


Join our global learning community today and connect with other dedicated healthcare professionals like you.