ISQua's Networks

Communities of Practice

ISQua's commitment to supporting specific activities to strengthen engagement with professionals in low and middle-income counties has lead to the development of our regional Communities of Practice.

To date we have two active communities, the African Community of Practice and the Latin American Community of Practice.

The groups meet online on a regular basis to exchange information and share their experiences on issues that are specific to their own regions.


QI Network

The Quality Improvement (QI) Network provides an opportunity for a select number of organisations to regularly engage in interactive webinars focused on sharing their own experiences and learning from others.

The aim of this network is to allow the free exchange of ideas and develop partnerships to accelerate positive change.


Emerging Leaders

The aim of this programme is to identify, develop and support emerging health care leaders from low and middle-income countries through the ISQua network. The Emerging Leaders Programme helps each participant to take what they have learned and use it to help implement projects in their home country. Strategically placed leaders have the capacity to transfer knowledge, ideas and skills to those groups they are in a position to influence.


International Academy of Quality and Safety

ISQua has established The International Academy of Quality & Safety (IAQS)  to recognise distinguished individuals who have made a significant contribution in the field of Quality and Safety in Healthcare.  The Academy recognises excellence of leadership within research, academia or service delivery in quality and safety in healthcare.  Membership of the Academy is one of the highest honours that an individual working in this area can receive. 

The 35 founding members of IAQS were nominated and then elected by ISQua Experts and the Board in June 2018. Membership of the Academy is for life.

David Bates, President of ISQua 2013-2015 will lead the Academy. Further details of the members Academy members will be posted on the website when available.


Working Group: Innovations & Systems Change

Currently chaired by Prof. René Amalberti, this working group focuses on aging populations around the world and the resulting pressure health care systems have to cope with. The working group features the exclusive white paper 'Health Systems and Their Sustainability' and exclusive webinars hosted by experts in the field.